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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2722

136101. The correct spelling of the word that means material for writing paper,ink,pencil etc is……..

136102. You will ----------your new duties tomorrow.

136103. This is the matter------------I am proud

136104. I found your diary after you------------the house

136105. Sydney Cartoon,proposed to Lucio but she-------------the offer of marriage

136106. He is married-----------

136107. The moon as well as the stars----------

136108. If he had applied for the post----------

136109. The opposite of the word ‘acquitted’is --------------

136110. The opposite of the word’synthetic’is:

136111. Two men and a woman were killed in a ------between a car and a jeep .

136112. Choose the apt word showing the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence :Ernakulam is avery populous city in kerala

136113. The book you are looking----------is here

136114. He spectacles would not rest on the -----------of her nose

136115. The government aims-------rehabilitating the affected victims in the calamity

136116. Bosewell’s Life of Johnson is considered to be the greatest -----ever written

136117. I Saw him in Madras two months--------

136118. Hardly had be reached the station ------------the train arrived

136119. The meaning of facsimile:

136120. judicious means:

136121. The murder of an important person for political reasons:

136122. I am not older than you,------------

136123. The idiom tooth and nail means:

136124. He was angry------------he listened to me.

136125. He talked as if he----------rich

136126. Exhort means

136127. The committee has to find an--------date for the meeting

136128. Sam is very clever------------cooking

136129. The phrase ‘in cold blood’means

136130. Children can usually ----------their parents

136131. The opposite of’vociferous ‘is

136132. If the workmen had not been tired,they -----work.

136133. Hardly------------see the picture

136134. We are quite used to ----------in queues.

136135. Stubborn means:

136136. Te study of the origin and history of words:

136137. Much water has-------under the London bridge.

136138. Sheela has two brothers.She does not like---------of them.

136139. A person who sacrifices his life for a cause:

136140. Some rules are very rigid:others are--------

136141. The door bell---------for the last ten muntues.

136142. I am indeed lucky,--------

136143. I Have my bedroom------

136144. The girl was shivering--------cold

136145. The opposite of ‘gratitude’is

136146. More than one person--------feared to be drowned

136147. The world ‘lunar’is a/an---------

136148. One who hates mankind is a-------------?

136149. ”A friend in need is a friend-------------?

136150. Children-------------afraid of the dark.

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