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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2721

136051. I met-----------European tourist at the hotel

136052. A pair of shoes ---------------found near the scene of murder yesterday

136053. He told me that he………

136054. Our college day ------------by M.T.Vasudevan nair last week

136055. If somebody gives you a remedy which is supposed to cure all diseases you will call it---------

136056. Notice of a person’s death,especially in newspaper is-------

136057. Since your handwriting is practically ----------I can hardly read it

136058. Science is a boon if used for good;---------if used for destruction.

136059. I--------Mumbai two years ago

136060. I have been searching for a job ------------1995

136061. I am not able to -----------the situation

136062. He complained to me that he…………

136063. The one word for no longer used is

136064. He has been working here-------------1990

136065. --------------by his friends ,he joined the match

136066. If you had telephoned ,I---------to your house

136067. Frogs--------

136068. ’Gracious’means?

136069. A person who helps others,especially through charitable works or donations of money is called a---------

136070. A person who pays too much respect to social position and wealth or who despises people of a lower social position is called a---------

136071. The young one of a lion is called?

136072. The sun-----when I got up

136073. He is still ill,but ------better than he was

136074. Sita usually -----------till midnight

136075. This car -----------is to my brother

136076. His aunt------to see us a few days ago

136077. It is difficult to –a conversation with all this noise around us.

136078. By this time tomorrow,I ------------the job

136079. Mohan hasn’t answered one of the papers satisfactorily-he hopes to pass in the first division.

136080. Hari’s house is bigger than-----------

136081. Poets often draw their -------------from nature

136082. ----------the rain stopped ,the play had to be suspended

136083. The opposite of ‘praise’is:

136084. The workers went out of the factory --------------to hold a protest rally

136085. ----------we work hard we will not be successful

136086. Seeing is-----------

136087. A group of men ------creating trouble

136088. If you are caught trying to smuggle gold through the customs ,it will be-----------

136089. If you tickle me,I----------

136090. My father is a thrifty person means that he is----------

136091. Since my uncle was against marriage,he lived a life of ----------

136092. When your friend is not an optimistic person,you call him

136093. I have been visiting Chennai…………..my childhood

136094. I congratulated my friend------------his success

136095. Iraq war was ----------one sided affair

136096. These are the books without ------------you cannot write the animation.

136097. It is easier-----------others than to do better than they have done.

136098. Stay………….

136099. When the chief guest at last came ,the audience-------------

136100. ----------------examination revealed that the young bride had been poisone

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