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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2720

136001. CMOS circuits are extensively used for One chip computers mainly because of their

136002. The principal disadvantage of a Piezo electric transducer is that it

136003. Loading effect is principally caused by -------------instruments

136004. Total internal reflection can take place when light travels from

136005. The structure of an optical fibre consist of

136006. Noise margin is expressed in

136007. An X-OR gate produces an output only when its two inputs are

136008. In a JFET,’”I-{DSS}”’is known as

136009. Which of the following devices has the highest input impedance?

136010. An SCR is turned off when

136011. A UJT may be used as

136012. The horizontal plates of a CRO are supplied with-------------to observe the waveform of a signal

136013. The modulus of a counter is

136014. The digital circuit that routes its single input signal to one of ‘2^n’output lines depending on the value of ‘n’control lines is

136015. A full adder can be made up of

136016. Which of the following is called the Universal Bias?

136017. Which of the following should be as high as possible?

136018. The degree to which variation in the output of an instrument follow input variations is referred to as

136019. The 8051 microcontroller is of------pin,package a----------processor

136020. In Induction heating depth of penetration is proportional to

136021. The ON state voltage drop across IGBT is

136022. Which BUS is bi-directional?

136023. The composition of soft solder is

136024. Which of the following can be act as Shear Protectorand

136025. Non linear relationship between shear stress and shear rate exist in

136026. MRIC machines are calibrated in --------units

136027. Phonocardiograph is used for recording the sounds connected to which of the following

136028. The circuit which controls the Turn ON and Turn OFF and length of X-Ray delivered it to the patient is

136029. In dialysis the waste products are transferred to the dialysate by

136030. Among the following imaging system which has noninvasive character

136031. The most modern difibrilators will have position for synchronizing discharge pulse with the patient’s

136032. Cardiac catheterization is a technique used primarily to diagnose

136033. X-Ray images are

136034. In Audiometer which channel has pure tone or speech output

136035. In Bio-Telemetry the FDM stands for

136036. An Endoscope is an Instrument for examining

136037. The ability of the trace to remain visible on the face of CRT is known as

136038. The implanted receiver has been used with patient for stimulating

136039. A---------is used to discharge the defibrillator when the paddles are properly positioned

136040. IN ERG measurements the reference electrode is made from

136041. The advantage of star connected supply system is that

136042. Internet works on

136043. For communication from one network to another---device is used

136044. Coaxial cable consists of----------------concentric copper conductors

136045. 1………………means to leave one’s country with a view to serrling in a foreign country

136046. I would have tickled you if you…………..

136047. You will not pass unless--------

136048. ’A red letter day’means-----------

136049. To put up with means----------

136050. The first person to congratulate me-----------my success was my teacher

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