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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2719

135951. Gulmarg is a hill station in

135952. In India,which coast receives rain fall from North Eastern Monsoon?

135953. Who is the Deputy Chairman of NITI Aayog?

135954. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana started on

135955. How many censuses(including the 20 census)have been carried out since Independence?

135956. Al-Hilal was a newspaper started for propagating nationalism by

135957. Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the Second Round Table Conference?

135958. Kaladi the birth place of Sankaracharya stands on the banks of the river

135959. Kerala Pazhma,a pioneering Malayalam works on Kerala history written by

135960. Who developed Cochin Harbour into a major port?

135961. Which social reformer was nominated by Travancore Government as a member of Sri Mulam Praja Sabha?

135962. The teaching of one of the following social reformer,helped to strengthen the base of national movement in North Malabar

135963. Poikayil Yohannan is associated with the organization of

135964. jati Mimamsa(Critique of Caste)is written by

135965. Which social reformer is known as ‘Vidyadhiraja’?

135966. In which year,Fedel Castro officially steps down as President of Cuba?

135967. Who is the director of the popular film’Pulimurugan’?

135968. Who hit the fastest Ranji Trophy Century at Thiruvanathapuram?

135969. Who is the minister in charge of Portfolio of Kerala State Dairy Development Department?

135970. Britain’s Andy Murray won the ATP World Tour Number One trophy after defeating

135971. The mode of propagation of FM signal is by

135972. Adding a weak cell in series with a battery causes

135973. The ratio of ON time of a Pulse to the OFF time is known as

135974. The Time Period of an A stable Multivibration is given by the expression

135975. Wien Bridge Oscillator Circuit uses

135976. The Amplitude of undammed Oscillation

135977. The impedance of the parallel RLC circuit at Resonance is

135978. A series resonance circuit used to reject an undesired frequence is known as

135979. Which filters are used to block the 50 Hz hum produced by AC mains in Amplifiers?

135980. Voltage follower circuits are used for

135981. Which of the following is difficult to fabricate in an IC?

135982. The output iimpedance of an Op-Amp is about

135983. In Class B amplifier the Q point is Set Slightly above cut off.The purpose is to

135984. Velocity of sound in water/liquid compared to that of air is

135985. Specific Gravity of a fully charged Lead-Acid cell at room temperature will be

135986. For IC 7815 the minimum unregulated DC input voltage should be

135987. Two identical transistors having a of 50 each,are connected as Darlington pair,the current gaina of the amplifier is

135988. Effect of the emitter by pass capacitor in a CE Amplifier is

135989. Which of the following is the most preferred type of biasing?

135990. A good power supply should have load regulation not more than

135991. The phenomenon which causes reverse breakdown in Zener Diode is known as

135992. The RMS voltage at the transformer secondary is 6 V.Its Peak Value is:

135993. When a diode is tested using an Ohm meter,it indicates high resistance in both direction,the condition of the diode is

135994. Which of the following is a polarized capacitor?

135995. If ‘m’and ‘n’are the modulus of any counters,then overall modulus of the cascaded counters is given by

135996. IC 7476 is

135997. The output of a particular OP-Amp increases 8 V in 12 ms,the slew rate is

135998. A Binary number 10101 is equivalent to decimal number

135999. The number’(12)-8’is equivalent to decimal

136000. The expression ‘bar{(ABC)}’can be simplified as

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