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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 273

13651. The “Ad Hoc Treasury Bill System” Of Meeting Budget Deficit In India Was Replaced By ‘Ways And Means Advances System’ Which Has Come Into Force On—

13652. Fiscal Deficit As A Percentage Of Gdp Was 4•0% In 2004–05 Which Sliped Down In 2008–09 (Budget Estimates) To—

13653. According To The Economic Survey 2007–08 During The Period April 3, 2007 And February 6, 2008 Indian Rupee Appreciated Against Us Dollar By—

13654. Which Statement Of The Following Is True For Imf ?

13655. For 2006-07, Agriculture Growth Rate Has Been Estimated At—

13656. Which Day Has Been Declared As ‘Balika Diwas’ (Girl Day) By The Ministry Of Woman And Children Development ?

13657. For Ridf-Xiii, Allocation In Union Budget 2006-07 Was—

13658. The Birth Rate And Death Rate For The Year 2006 Have Been Estimated As—

13659. Central Issue Price Of Foodgrains Under Tpds Includes Price For Bpl And Apl (Below Poverty Line And Above Poverty Line). What Is The Difference Between The Two ?

13660. What Growth Target Government Has Estimated For The Domestic Crude Production For The 11th Plan (2007–12) ?

13661. Rural Women Can Avail The Benefit Of Mahila Samriddhi Yojana If They Open Their Account In—

13662. Agriculture Sector Registered 6% Growth In 2005-06 And It Is Estimated For Year 2007-08 At—

13663. As Per The Second Advanced Estimates Of Agricultural Production For The Year 2007-08 Released By The Ministry Of Agriculture, Kharif Production Has Been Estimated At—

13664. Mistry Committee In Its Final Report Recommends Full Capital Account Convertibility By—

13665. Which Committee Recommended Tax On Agriculture Holdings ?

13666. The Present Service Tax Rate As Proposed In Union Budget 2008-09 Is—

13667. The Cause Of Deflation Is—

13668. Which Of The Following Is A Better Measure Of Economic Development ?

13669. Which Bank In India Performs Duties Of Central Bank ?

13670. Out Of One Rupee Expenditure, How Much Paise Have Been Allotted For Subsidy In 2008-09 Budget Proposals?

13671. ‘India Brand Equity Fund’ Was Established In—

13672. English is the official language of which of the following states?

13673. Ministry Of Hrd Has Announced To Hike Fdi Limit In Education To—

13674. “Pure Banking, Nothing Else” Is A Slogan Raised By—

13675. During 2006-07, External Debt To Gdp Ratio In India Stood At—

13676. Indian State Having The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate Is—

13677. ‘Smart Money’ Is A Term Used For—

13678. Which Of The Following Has The Maximum Share In Gsm Mobile Phone Service Market ?

13679. The Main Objective Of Trysem Was—

13680. The Establishment Of Iorarc (Indian Ocean Rim Association For Regional Co-Operation) Was Officially Declared On—

13681. .Fundamental rights are suspended on

13682. The Largest Source Of National Income In India Is—

13683. ‘Public Sector’ Means—

13684. Nabard Is—

13685. Indian Green Revolution Is The Most Successful In—

13686. The Period Of 10th Plan In India Was—

13687. Economic Planning Is In—

13688. Presently (From April 29, 2003) Bank Rate In India Is—

13689. Gross Domestic Savings As A Proportion Of Gdp Has Been Improving. What Is The Average Percentage Of Gross Domestic Savings During The 10th Plan ?

13690. 12th Finance Commission Has Recommended To Merge And Determine One Single Interest Rate On Various Outstanding Central Loans To States Having Different Interest Rates. What Is This Recommended Interest Rate ?

13691. Mrtp Is Related To—

13692. Interest Rate Policy Is A Part Of—

13693. The Basis Of Determining Dearness Allowance To Employees In India Is—

13694. Which of the following countries is a land locked country in south America?

13695. Canary Islands belongs to

13696. Titan is the largest natural satellite of planet

13697. Which of the following planets rotates clock wise?

13698. A difference of 1 degree in longitude at the Equator is equivalent to nearly

13699. The earliest known Indian script is

13700. How many times the preamble was amended

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