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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 272

13601. When Was The Saarc Established ?

13602. What Is The Present Number Of Member Countries Of European Economic Community ?

13603. Which Committee Recommended Abolition Of Tax Rebates Under Section 88 ?

13604. Which Of The Following Countries Is Not The Members Of European Union ?

13605. Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojna Is Related To—

13606. ‘Sagarmala’ Is A Name Associated With—

13607. Tarapore Committee Submitted Its Report On “Full Convertibility On Rupee” In—

13608. The New President Of Ficci (Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry) Is—

13609. As Per Revised Estimates For 2006-07 Released By Cso, The Growth Rate For Indian Economy Has Been Estimated To Be—

13610. Cenvat Is Related To—

13611. Aam Admi Bima Yojana Provides Social Security To—

13612. According To 2001 Census Urbanrural Population Ratio Is About—

13613. As Per The Final Estimates Of Ministry Of Agriculture, The Rice Production For 2006-07 Is Estimated At—

13614. According To 2001 Census The State Having Highest Urban Population Is—

13615. The Growth Rate Of Construction Sector For The Year 2006-07 Has Been Estimated At The Level—

13616. International Finance Corporation (Ifc) Has Decided To Fund An Ultra Mega Power Project In Gujarat. This Project Belongs To—

13617. Which States Ranks First And Last Respectively In Education Development Index (Edi) Prepared To Track The Progress Of States Towards Providing Universal Elementary Education ?

13618. Targeted Power Capacity Addition For 11th Plan Period Is—

13619. During 2006-07 Which Sector Has Shown The Highest Growth Rate ?

13620. The Ex-Officio Secretary Of Ndc Is—

13621. 15th Saarc Summit Was Held In July–August The Venue Of The Summit Was—

13622. In National Mineral Policy (1993) Which Mineral Was Allowed For Having Investment From Private Sector—

13623. The Share Of Road Transport In Total Transport Of The Country Is–

13624. 11th National Conference On E-Governance Was Held On 7–8 February, 2008 At—

13625. Which Percentage Of Central Taxes Have Been Recommended By The 12th Finance Commission To Be Transferred To States ?

13626. Which State Possesses The Maximum Percentage Of Sc Population ?

13627. Government Has Decided To Cover All Districts Of The Country In National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (Nregp)—

13628. What Is ‘Nikkei’ ?

13629. Which Statement Is Correct For Indian Planning Commission ?

13630. Which State Of The Following Has Adopted Vat (Value Added Tax) W.E.F. January 1, 2007 ?

13631. Service Tax Revenue Collection For 2007–08 (Budget Estimates) Was Proposed At Rs. 50,200 Crore But The Revised Estimates Remained At—

13632. Nabard Was Established On The Recommendation Of—

13633. Sampurna Gramin Rojgar Yojana Has Been Launched From—

13634. Which Company Is Providing Mobile Service With Name ‘Cell One’ To The Consumers ?

13635. Vat Is Imposed—

13636. The Newly Elevated Person As Joint Chairman–Cum–Managing Director Of National Aviation Company Of India Ltd. (Nacil) Is—

13637. Kutir Jyoti Scheme Is Associated With—

13638. Novelis Has Been Acquired And Merged With—

13639. Otcei Is—

13640. The New Chairman Of Sebi (Securities And Exchange Board Of India) Is—

13641. Gross Budgetary Support (Gbs) For 2008–09 As Per Document Of 11th Plan Stands At Rs. 2,28,725 Crore But In Budget Proposals For 2008–09 It Has Been Raised To—

13642. The Base Of Consumer Price Index For Industrial Workers Is Being Shifted From 1982 To—

13643. In Budget Proposals For 2008–09, Which Of The Following Gives 24% Contribution In Revenue Collection Of Union Government ?

13644. The Base Year Of Present Consumer Price Index (Cpi) For Urban Non-Manual Employees (Cpi—Unme) Is—

13645. Capart Is Related With—

13646. Note Issuing Deptt. Of Rbi Should Always Possess The Minimum Gold Stock Of Worth—

13647. Which Of The Following Does Not Grant Any Tax Rebate ?

13648. Ad Hoc Treasury Bill System Of Meeting Budget Deficit In India Was Abolished On—

13649. Sebi Was Established In—

13650. The Working Of Sebi Includes—

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