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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2734

136701. Pack:Wolves::---------:Books

136702. ”Don’t sleep late and miss the bus”said Mr.Varma(Choose the correct reported speech)

136703. Some of us wanted to stay longer………………?

136704. The shopkeeper offered to exchange the goods.The shopkeeper offered to refund the money.(Combine using ‘either-or’)

136705. Which of the following is not a compound noun?

136706. I have never known so wet---------------summer.

136707. I--------------the examination,but my brother failed

136708. We---------meet you at ten o’clock.

136709. For all her reticence and modesty,it was clear that she was a --------------expert in her fiel

136710. The first Chairperson of the National Women’s Commission:

136711. Name the State having no scheduled Caste Community:

136712. The present Central Vigilance Commissioner:

136713. The first Malayalee appeared in the Postal Stamp:

136714. In 1956 kerala State was formulated with how many districts?

136715. Which place is known as the Mecca of Kerala?

136716. Which is the head quarters of Kerala Forest Research Station?

136717. The famous folk dance ‘Padayani’is originated at:

136718. The first Malayalee who got ‘Padmavibhusan’:

136719. The Lion Safari Park in Kerala is situated at:

136720. National University of Advanced Legal Studies is at:

136721. The Kerala villages selected by UNDP for local self tourism development:

136722. ’Galsa’progrmme is associated with:

136723. In which year ‘Kudumbasree’programme was started:

136724. Which is latest Wild life Sanctuary in Kerala?

136725. The instrument used for measuring the density or relative density of liquids:

136726. Nuclides with the same atomic number ,but different mass number are called

136727. The techniques of estimating the age of the remains of a once –Living organization:

136728. Solid Carbon dioxide is known as:

136729. The disorder characterized by the absence of melanin

136730. Kirit Parikh Committee was set up to review:

136731. M.F.Hussain the famous Indian painter accepted the citizenship of

136732. The place known as’Ground Zero’ is in:

136733. Which gas was leaked during the Bhopal gas tragedy?

136734. India’s first female shooting champion to clinch gold at world shooting championship:

136735. Who won Australian Open women’s singles 2010?

136736. The poem ‘Gajendra Moksham Vanchippattu’was formulated by:

136737. Name the President of India who addressed the Kerala Assembly firstly:

136738. The length of the sea shore of Kerala is:

136739. Which organization was led by the “Ten Principles”?

136740. Who was the real force behind Prarthana Samaj?

136741. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute is located at:

136742. Which energy source listed below comes under the Non-conventional energy?

136743. In which river is the major irrigation project Prochampad Project is?

136744. The Supreme authority for telecommunication in Inida is:

136745. The soil that can be found in Kottayam and Alleppey Districts:

136746. In which National Park the one horned rhinoceros are commonly found:

136747. The plant disease ‘Green ear’ affects which of the crops?

136748. In which state is the tourist destination ‘Ghoom Monastry ‘located?

136749. If they really tried ,they -------------the prize

136750. The prisoner begged ----------mercy

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