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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2735

136751. When----------------you usually have tea?

136752. It was--------------unanimous decision

136753. Time and Tide-----------for no man

136754. I haven’t seen you----------leaving school

136755. Many people in India are-----------

136756. The United States ----------------a super power

136757. Scientists hope to achieve a break ----------------- in the search for a cure for cancer

136758. I am pale,---------------?

136759. He is too tired-----------------walk

136760. What is the passive voice form of:People elected him leader.

136761. Report:”I am going out”,he said

136762. Genial:

136763. Impundent:

136764. Sharp:

136765. Convict:

136766. The average of a school cricket team is Two members of age 14 and 17 are replaced by other two players of age 16 and What will be the average of the new team?

136767. If A=B/2,B=C(Square)/2 and C=2 Square root of 3 which is A of the following?

136768. Which is the next in the series?3,13,31,57,-----

136769. If the diameter of a circle is doubleIts area is increased by -----------times

136770. When a number’x’is divided by’4’ we get the cube of another number y.Find x if y(Cube)<10

136771. The master bedroom of area 256 sq.ft of a new building has been completely paved with 16 vitrified square tiles.What is the length of the tile used?

136772. If a+b=7 and Square root of b(Square)-9=4 find’a’

136773. 324 ½ /64 ½=---------------

136774. If 5x-3x=2x(Square)/7,find x

136775. Find the missing number in the given series:11,33,55,----,99

136776. IF’BANK’is coded as’CAMP’in a language,how is ‘RAMP’ coded in that language?

136777. ’DOCTOR’is related to ‘PATIENT’in the sense as’PUPIL’is related to:Find the correct word from the following

136778. While introducing a girl in a party,Ramesh said,”She is the daughter-in –law of the only son of my father.”How is ramesh related to the girl?

136779. Complete the series in the given order:Ag,B(Square)h,C(Cube)I,--------

136780. c(raise to e) x e(raise ro d)=--------------

136781. df+fg/jf-da=--------------

136782. If’RAT’is ‘MAT’and ‘MAT’is ‘HAT’,then what is’HAT’

136783. If x/2=(x-1)Square.Find X

136784. The art of rearing fishes is known as:

136785. Travancore –Cochin integration was visualized on:

136786. Who invented Neutron?

136787. Burial place of Lal Bahadur Sastri:

136788. Viswanath Anand is associated with:

136789. Indian National Congress founded on:

136790. Capital of Uttaranchal:

136791. The first Indian ambassador in China:

136792. The king of fruits:

136793. ’Keralam Valarunnu’ was written by:

136794. Plants respirates through:

136795. Santhosh Trophy is associated with:

136796. The strait that separates India from Srilanka:

136797. Seismograph is used to measure:

136798. Ajanta-Ellora caves are in:

136799. Acid caused for Kidney stone:

136800. Which was the first news paper in India?

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