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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2736

136801. The fourth estate means:

136802. Downward Alteration theory is associated with:

136803. The present Pope of Vatican:

136804. Father of green revolution in the world:

136805. Goa became independent in:

136806. Lactometer is used to measure:

136807. The study of properties of light is known as’

136808. Boundary between India and Pakisthan:

136809. The ‘Wings of Fire’written by:

136810. Who said”man is born free,yet every where he is in chains”?

136811. Synagogue is associated with:

136812. Old name of Myanmar:

136813. ’Guernica’is the famous painting of:

136814. ’Arnagukanatha nadan’is the autobiography of:

136815. The first woman IPS officer from Kerala

136816. Who introduced five year plan in Russia?

136817. Guru Kunju Kurup proved his eminence in

136818. Who introduced the ‘Subsidiary Alliance’?

136819. Kerala Kalamandalam was established by:

136820. The author of Tarikh-I-Firozshahi is:

136821. Which salai is referred as the ‘Nalanda of the South’?

136822. Author of the Malayalam novel’Vishakanyaka’:

136823. The first Secretary General of the UN:

136824. The person who said “no religion,no caste and no God for mankind is”:

136825. The headquarters of UNESCO is at:

136826. The temple entry Proclamation of Travancore was issued in the year:

136827. The present Reserve Bank Governor of India?

136828. Who is known as Mayyazhi Gandhi?

136829. Deficiency of Vitamin BI creates:

136830. What is the maximum term of imprisonment for Contempt of Court?

136831. The Slogan ‘American model Arabikadalil’is related with:

136832. Who made this statement”All are equal ,some are more equal”?

136833. ’Character spacing’option can be taken by using the following correct steps:

136834. There are methods to exit from word window

136835. How many function keys in a computer keyboard?

136836. Which is the correct tab stop is used to insert a vertical line in your document?

136837. Default number of columns when we insert a table:

136838. Which one of the following key combination is correct to print a document?

136839. Which is the correct alignment option is used to arrange equal edges of text at left and right side of the Paragraph?

136840. Insert decorative text by using:

136841. Number of pages can be inserted with the help of -------option

136842. Which of the following command helps to insert symbols like @,© Etc?

136843. One example of Primary memory:

136844. Which option can be used to correct the wrongly typed word in a document:

136845. Pick out the word processing software from the following:

136846. File extension of MS Word 2003:

136847. Mail merge option can be taken from -----------Menu

136848. What is the default Top Margin of a word 2003 document?

136849. What will happen when we press ‘Ctrl+Backspace’?

136850. Start menu is situated in-----------bar

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