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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2771

138551. Andy Murray,winner of Wimbledon title for Men’s single 2016,belongs to which country?

138552. Joule-Thomson coefficient for an ideal gas having equation Pv=RT is:

138553. Cycle consisting of two isothermal and two isobaric processes is:

138554. Axial thrust will be negligible in case of:

138555. Coarse grained steels:

138556. A critical path has:

138557. Energy loss due to friction in laminar flow can be calculated either using Darcy’s equation or Hagen-Poiseuille equation where friction factor is:

138558. The shaft vibrations at nodes are:

138559. In metals subjected to cold working,strain hardening effect is due to:

138560. Scheduling is:

138561. The impeller used in mud pumps is:

138562. A mechanism forms a structure when the degrees of freedom is equal to:

138563. Which of the following defect can occur due to improper design of a gating system?

138564. PERT is mainly useful for:

138565. Zeroth law of thermodynamics defines.

138566. In a vibrating system the damping factor is unity,then:

138567. In EDM,the number of discharges per minute may be as high as:

138568. Work sampling is used to find:

138569. If the diameter of a centrifugal pump impeller is doubled keeping the discharge and speed constant,then the head needs to be reduced by:

138570. A parabolic cam is so named because its:

138571. The tool may fail suddenly because of:

138572. Break-even analysis is a:

138573. A double-slider four-bar mechanism consisting of two turning pairs and two sliding pairs,will have a degree of freedom equal to:

138574. A ship is seen to enter sea from a river.Its depth of submergence will:

138575. Position feedback device on NC machine is:

138576. If the unit ordering cost is doubled,then the EOQ will:

138577. The rivet head used for structural work such as roof trusses is usually:

138578. The standard input file format for 3-D printing using Fused Deposition Method is:

138579. Which of the following material is difficult to be spot welded?

138580. Which of the following is a technique for forecasting?

138581. A control volume refers to:

138582. Which process does not increase the fatigue strength?

138583. Who proposed the model of modern computer?

138584. The memory that holds data and information permanently are called:

138585. The study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing or information technology is:

138586. The device used to convert digital signal to analog signal is called:

138587. Who is known as father of computers?

138588. Name the protocol used for exchanging data and program files across a network

138589. The domain name used for commercial web site is:

138590. Who proposed the idea of world wide web?

138591. The address used to uniquely identify a device in internet is called:

138592. HTTPS stands for:

138593. The way in which the nodes are physically interconnected to form a network is called?

138594. Who is known as the father of the Internet?

138595. Which of the following is an example of open Source Software?

138596. Akshaya centers were initially launched in:

138597. The protocol used for internet communication is:

138598. Which of the following is a popular social networking site?

138599. The port number used by HTTP is:

138600. Which of the following is a scripting language?

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