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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2773

138651. The transmission media which carry information in the form of light signals is called:

138652. Which of the following is a popular e-commerce website?

138653. Who is the CEO of Apple?

138654. Which of the following web browser is developed by Apple?

138655. Which of the following is a popular search engine?

138656. Which of the following is a web server by Microsoft?

138657. The file extension of a java script file is:

138658. The existence of same function name with different arguments are called:

138659. Which of the following Indian Air Force Station was recently renamed after Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh?

138660. Which of the following IIT is ranked as the best engineering institute in the country as per the first all India survey conducted by the ministry of HRD,Government of India?

138661. Dreaming Big:My Journey to connect India is authorized by:

138662. The Centre for Development of Telematics(C-DOT)was established in:

138663. The Thief Who Stole My Heart is the title given to a lecture series delivered at the National Gallery of Art in Washington by:

138664. The Complete Book of the Olympics was compiled by:

138665. The Indian Army’s exercise held in the deserts of Bikaner in Rajasthan on April 16,2016 was named as

138666. Who along with John Carlos were banned from further competition following their Black Power Salute during the victory ceremony in the Olympics held at Mexico City in 1968?

138667. The Art of War was authorized by:

138668. Dr.Rajendra Prasad was elected as the president of the Constituent Assembly on:

138669. Article 320 of the Indian Constitution deals with:

138670. The Constituent Assembly finally adopted the Objectives Resolution moved by Nehru on:

138671. Who among the following was not a member of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India?

138672. The Constitution of India has been framed after ‘ransacking all the known constitutions of the world’ was a statement made by:

138673. The autobiography of Lalithambika Antharjanam is:

138674. Who among the following was not a recipient of the Jnanpith Award?

138675. Jati Nasini Sabha was founded by:

138676. Who called Accamma Cherian as the Jhansi Rani of Travancore?

138677. Who presided over the annual meeting of the Abhinava Bharath Yuvak Sangam held in 1936?

138678. The package still hasn’t reached I wish I------it earlier

138679. Neither Joy nor Jane Knows the answer.The sentence means-----:Joy

138680. Sita resembles her mother.Substitute the underlined word with the correct phrasal verb

138681. ’I shall do it tomorrow’,he sai :Which of the following statements is in the correct reported form?

138682. The amount of matter in a ball of steel is its:

138683. When price of a substitute of commodity ‘x’falls.the demand for ‘x’

138684. Transpiration increases in:

138685. If xylem and phloem are arranged in the same radius,such a vascular bundle is called:

138686. Where did the Black-Hole tragedy took place?

138687. What is Kyoto Protocol?

138688. Earth day is celebrated on:

138689. All forms of ROM are also known as----------

138690. What is the number of players on each side in Rugby Football?

138691. Plank’s constant has the dimensions of:

138692. Who discovered the link between electricity and magnetism?

138693. Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Election Commission?

138694. The largest reservoir of fresh water is:

138695. Who built the famous Shiva temple at Ellora?

138696. The most abundant element by number in the living system is:

138697. Which of the following phenomenon helps to conclude that light is a transverse wave?

138698. Which was the first linguistic state to be created?

138699. The headquarters of the Survery of India Dept.(department)is located at:

138700. Among the following districts of Tamil Nadu,which district is unfit for cultivation due to increased salinity:

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