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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2774

138701. Mixed Economy means:

138702. Natural system of classification was proposed by--------botanists

138703. The Lalit Kala Academy is devoted to the promotion of:

138704. Indian born Vijay Sheshadri won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in which of the following categories?

138705. World wild life fund was founded in:

138706. Arundhati Roy is the author of:

138707. Minamata disease is caused by pollution of water by:

138708. The ‘King of Metals’is:

138709. The first Bio-sphere Reserve in India has been established in:

138710. Who composed the Allahabad Pillar inscription?

138711. Kimono is a dress style of which Asian Country?

138712. By whom was the autonomous investment separated from induced investment?

138713. Amino acids are required for the synthesis of:

138714. Dr.P.Rama Rao Committee is related to which of the following?

138715. A demand curve will not shift:

138716. Kathakali is a dance prevalent in which state?

138717. How much of world’s surface is covered by water?

138718. Which of the following Scientist proved that the path of each planet around the Sun is elliptical?

138719. Todar Mal,the brilliant revenue officer served under:

138720. The Simplest CUP scheduling algorithm is

138721. The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is:

138722. When was the League of Nations established?

138723. In which of the Round Table Conference Mahatma Gandhi Participated?

138724. Blowing Air with open pipe is an example of:

138725. Rand is the currency of:

138726. Iron filings can be separated from a heterogenous mixture using the technique of

138727. Christmas factor is involved in:

138728. If the President wants to resign,he shall address his letter of resignation to:

138729. Who is the author of the book”Romancing with Life”

138730. The time element in price analysis was introduced by

138731. Which of the following rivers originates from Trans Himalayas?

138732. 2014 Man Booker Prize was won by

138733. Name the freedom fighter who went to jail with her two month old baby due to the participation in the Civil Disobedience Movement?

138734. ’Athmavidya Sangham’was founded by-----------?

138735. The Bollywood actor who has been appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia?

138736. C V Kunhuraman was the founder of --------?

138737. Which day is recently declared by UN as’International Yoga Day’?

138738. The founder and editor of women’s magazine ‘Shrimati’?

138739. ’Wandering in many worlds’is the autobiography of------------?

138740. The work of G Sankara Kurup which won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award(1961)and Kendra Sahitya Academy Award(1963)?

138741. In which venue Rohit Sharma made the highest individual ODI score of 264 runs Sri Lanka?

138742. A relationship in which a less experienced learner acquires knowledge and skills under guidance of an expert

138743. Which educationalist believe”Psychic being within oneself to be the essence of his spiritual selves”

138744. Process whereby children adopt external standards as their own is termed as:

138745. Testing used during instruction to help’diagnosis’ is

138746. Intensive study of one Person or a situation is called

138747. The relationship between mean,median and mode is

138748. Complete list of members of population from which sampling unit are selected is known as:

138749. Two significant levels often used in social science research are:

138750. Clubbing new information into existing schema is called:

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