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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2833

141651. The audit conducted between two annual audit is---------audit.

141652. Tests of control are not concerned with ----------of controls

141653. ”Teeming and lading”is also known as

141654. RRBs are sponsored by---------banks

141655. One of the methods of qualitative credit control is:

141656. Centralised Online Realtime Electronic Banking is known as

141657. When banker is the trustee,customer is the

141658. Banks generally give overdraft facility through -------------account.

141659. Image-based clearing system used for faster clearing of cheques is

141660. The first bank in India was started in the year:

141661. The Banking Regulation Act was passed in the year

141662. HDFC Bank is a ----------sector bank.

141663. When banks sell insurance products it is called

141664. ATM stands for

141665. At the time of inflation the Central Bank -------government securities.

141666. Lien is the right of a creditor to retain the of the property of his debtor

141667. When banker collects cheques of his customer the banker acts as his

141668. The first factoring service was started in India by

141669. Banking Ombudsman Scheme was introduced for the -----------of grievances of bank customers.

141670. SIDBI was set up in the year

141671. ---------------cheque bears a date earlier than the date of issue.

141672. The -----------is necessary to constitute a special crossing

141673. Negotiable Instruments Act was passed in the year

141674. As per-------------every member of a society shall exercise his vote in person.

141675. A member can take shares in a society to the extent of-------------of the total share capital.

141676. President of a co-operative society is elected by the ----------from among themselves.

141677. Kerala State Co-operative Union is the custodian of co-operative

141678. ---------of the Co-operative Societies Act deals with audit of accounts of the societies.

141679. Every society has to pay audit fee within one month of receipt of audit certificate to the

141680. As per----------every Cooperative Society in Kerala is to affiliated to State Co-operative Union.

141681. The Headquarters of Co-operative Tribunal is constituted under

141682. Under Rule 176,the Registrar can --------------any resolution of any meeting of any society.

141683. Formal expression of a decision of Civil Court,which is not a decree is

141684. A------------is a formal complaint filled by plaintiff before a Civil Court.

141685. An associate member is admitted in a society as per --------of the KCS Act.

141686. The members of a co-operative society have----------liability.

141687. All social welfare societies are exempted from

141688. Inspection of books of accounts of a society is made by ------------as per Section 66

141689. Circle Co-operative Union is constituted by government notification in the

141690. Powers of the Co-operative Service Examination Board are enlisted in --------of the Act.

141691. Execution of awards is the duty of

141692. Amendment of the bye-law of a society is dealt with--------at KCS Act.

141693. Multi State Co-operative Societies Act was enacted in the year

141694. To keep ones temper

141695. Scarcely had I completed the paragraph -----------the lights went off.

141696. He does not interfere without ----------complete

141697. Underwater archaeology has huge potential as it could be a time consuming and costly way to study the past.

141698. The employees hope that the management would concede their demands.

141699. You-----------drive so fast,we have plenty of time.

141700. Many companies see technology as a---------for a whole host of -----------problems.

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