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141601. Uncalled capital is also known as capital.

141602. Stock is a consolidation of shares.

141603. Dividend is calculated on the capital

141604. Bull clubs are the dairy co-operatives established in

141605. Schuiz was a pioneer of co-operative movement in

141606. COINS is a co-operative organization dealing --------------business in co-operatives

141607. Securitisation law is applicable to co-operative

141608. Multi Unit Co-operative Societies Act was enacted in the year

141609. Co-operative credit organizations in Japan are called

141610. NCCE is functioning under the control of

141611. The apex body that gives training to co-operative personnel is

141612. NCUI was organized in the year

141613. State Co-operative Union Kerala is established as per the

141614. CAMPCO is a ----------marketing and processing co-operative society.

141615. RAIDCO is engaged in the distribution of machineries.

141616. The Kerala State Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society was formed on

141617. The tribal development programme in co-operative sector is

141618. In co-operative societies------is the primary motive.

141619. The first supermarket was formed in the year--------in New Delhi

141620. NFCF is a national federation in ----------sector.

141621. Mehta Committee on Co-operative administration was appointed in the year

141622. ----------is known as the cradle of co-operative movement.

141623. MARKETED is the apex marketing ----------in the State.

141624. The most important income of a bank is

141625. Cash credit is a form of

141626. Assets which do not carry more than normal credit risk is known as

141627. Savings bank deposit is a to the bank

141628. Final account of a banking company consists of

141629. According to income recognition,interest on NPA should be recognized on --------basis.

141630. Banks pay maximum rate of interest on-----account.

141631. Buy back of equity shares is a method of capital

141632. IPO means initial

141633. Right shares are issued to

141634. Test checking is done when there is an effective ----------system.

141635. Current audit file consists of matters of

141636. Civil liability of an auditor implies liability for

141637. Under peer review the audit work of an auditor is reviewed by another

141638. First auditors are appointed by

141639. Auditors are liable under

141640. Remuneration of company auditors are fixed by

141641. ------------voucher is the duplicate of original voucher.

141642. Internal audit is considered as a service to the

141643. Audit conducted as per the provisions of law is –audit.

141644. In a joint stock company the audit report is submitted to

141645. Pre-arranging and co-ordinating the audit work is called

141646. Audit notebook is also called audit

141647. Errors of omission are

141648. Payment for building purchased should be vouched with

141649. Purchase of land is a

141650. Special audit is necessary for -------business enterprise.

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