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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2831

141551. A cock-and-bull story

141552. The robbery was committed in the wee hours of the day

141553. In almost every party,my friend tries to rule the roost

141554. In the context of India wild life the flying fox is a

141555. McMohan line demarcates the boundary between

141556. First railway line in India was laid in

141557. Which of the following is not a Private Bank in India?

141558. What does the letter “F”denotes in the abbreviated name IIFCL?

141559. Who amongst the following is a famous Booker Prize winner author of Indian origin?

141560. Which of the following is a treaty associated with the use of nuclear Power?

141561. Who among the following was the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

141562. The most powerful tool used by the Reserve Bank of India to control inflation is

141563. NEPT and RTGS in banking terminology speaks of

141564. Which of the following countries is a member of G-8?

141565. Which of the following spacecrafts first launched on moon?

141566. Which of the following countries launched the smallest combat aircraft in the world?

141567. What is the meaning of the term”tour de force”?

141568. The most important ratio for the income Tax Department from the control point of view is

141569. The maximum strength of the elected members of the House of the People(Lok Sabha)is

141570. Which of the following is not a part of India’s money market?

141571. Which of the following organizations/agencies has established a fund known as “Investor Protection Fund”

141572. Which of the following terms is used in the field of finance and banking?

141573. IFRS stands for

141574. Forfeit is related to surrender in the same way as Remit is related to

141575. Kilometre is to distance as Poundal is to

141576. Which of the following is the same as dozen,score,decade?

141577. Which of the following is the same as grafting,budding,layering?

141578. 6:18::4:?

141579. 9:80::100:?

141580. 1,9,17,33,49,73,?

141581. 5,9,17,29,45,?

141582. Z,U,Q,?,L

141583. OTE,PUF,QVG,RWH,?

141584. In a certain code,COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPHow is MEDICINE written in the same code?

141585. In a certain code,GIGANTIC is written as GIGTANCI.How is MIRACLES written in that code?

141586. In a certain code,TWENTY is written as 863985 and ELEVEN is written as How is TWELVE written in that code?

141587. If P denotes “division”,Q denotes x,R denotes + and S denotes -,then,18 Q 12 P 4 R S 6=?

141588. If x stands for addition,”Division” stands for substraction,+ stands for multiplication and – stands for division then 20 x8/8-4+2=?

141589. Who studies English?

141590. Which of the following combination of subject and place of stay is not correct?

141591. Which of the following pairs of students stay one each at hostel and home?

141592. Which subject does Q study?

141593. Which of the following pairs of students stay at home?

141594. The word co-operation is derived from the ----------word ‘co-operari’

141595. Members of ICA are national

141596. Registration of co-operative societies is

141597. Co-operative flag should be hoisted with------colour at top

141598. RRBs should get recommendation ------for opening branches.

141599. District level and State level societies are called------------societies.

141600. National level apex co-operative agricultural marketing society is

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