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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2830

141501. Any order,decision or award referred in Section 76 is known as

141502. What is the time period of liability of a post member/deceased member in the ordinary course of a business of a Co-operative Society?

141503. What is the percentage of Net Profit of Co-operative Societies to be transferred to Reserve Fund

141504. The liquidator for the winding up of a Co-operative Society is appointed

141505. The return of goods by a customer should be debited to

141506. Reserve Bank of India was formally inaugurated in

141507. The treasury bills which are issured only to State Governments,Semi-government departments are known as

141508. Cash Reserve Ratio(R.R.)Means

141509. In credit control marginal requirement means:

141510. Intangible assets are valued at

141511. E.P.Application control consist of

141512. Goodwill is valued at

141513. Computer fraud means:

141514. Report as corporate governance is required as per

141515. One man one vote is specified in Section --------of Co-operative Law

141516. Which year was declared as the year of Co-operation?

141517. Who was the First President of National Diary Development Board(NDDB)?

141518. Receipt and Payment Account is a

141519. The opening capital is ascertained by preparing a

141520. Investigation means

141521. Balance Sheet audit is

141522. Documentation means

141523. Auditing principles are

141524. Statement of Audit Practices(SAP)is now known as

141525. The special charge on movable or immovable property in favour of Agricultural Development Bank or a primary bank is called

141526. The Head Quarters of the Kerala State Co-operative Marketing Federation is now situated at

141527. The programme implemented by the government in the year 1996-97 to strengthen the public distribution system in the Co-operative Sector through market intervention measures is called

141528. The Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation(MILMA)is registered in the year

141529. Where is the Head Quarters of Coir Boar?

141530. The customer is required to remit a fixed sum for a certain period is------------deposit scheme

141531. -----------bank meets the requirements of medium and long term financial needs of industrial concerns

141532. Which Committee pointed out the legal impediment to the establishment of Electronic Fund Transfer?

141533. What is the period of validity of a cheque as per the latest regulations of RBI?

141534. Which bank act as a catalytic agent of economic development through the expansion of bank branches and diversification of credit facilities in the district allotted to it?

141535. Out of the following,direct expense is

141536. Which transaction results in increase in assets and increase in liabilities?

141537. If opening stock is Rs.5,280 and cost of goods sold in Rs.91,520 ,the amount of purchase will be

141538. Contingen liability is shown

141539. If the rate of gross profit is 25% on sale and the cost of goods is Rs.1,20,000/- the amount of gross profit will be

141540. Internal auditor is appointed by

141541. The first auditors are appointed by

141542. Fixed assets are valued for Balanced Sheet Purpose

141543. Test checking means

141544. GATHER

141545. DEFICIT


141547. A person who does not believe in any religion

141548. A post without remuneration

141549. Commencement of words with the same letter

141550. Once in a blue moon

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