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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2835

141751. Who plays football,basketball and hockey?

141752. Arrange the following words as per the order in the dictionary: (i)Ambitious (ii)Ambiguous (iii)Ambiguity (iv)Animation (v)Amphibians

141753. (v)Amphibians

141754. Right to information is the most effective and innovative tool in Indian administration because: (i) it accepts people's rights and privileges to know. (ii) it makes political system accountable and transparent. (iii) it makes people aware of public policies and decision making. (iv) it makes administrative more innovative.

141755. i,iii and iv

141756. After months of drought the farmers began to despair that they would lose everything.

141757. Complete the following series. BJF,DKH,FMJ,HPL,---?

141758. Which article of the Indian Constitution guarantees Equal Justice and free Legal Aid to the citizen of India?

141759. In which state of India launched the revolutionary Rural Employment Guarantee Shceme for the first time in 1970s?

141760. When was the National Food Security Act came into force?

141761. In whose Diwanship separate fund for educational activities was started in Travancore?

141762. In which year Keralapataka a news paper from cochin was started?

141763. Who was known as’Lincoln’ of Kerala?

141764. Who exhorted the world famous dictum’One caste,One religion,One clan,One world,One God’?

141765. Who made an official declaration granting lower caste Channar Women the right to cover the breasts in Travancore in 1859?

141766. When was Malabar temple entry Act came into force?

141767. Which Satyagraha was associated with Irinjalakkuda Kudalmanikyam temple?

141768. Which among the following newspaper was edited by Muhammad Abdurahiman Sahib?

141769. Who translated the first historical novel ‘Akbar’to Malayalam?

141770. Who was the founder of Trivandrum Public Library?

141771. Which among the following women of Kerala participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement,carrying two month old baby in her arms and led the procession of Women?

141772. What is the original name of Swami Ananda Theerthan?

141773. Who wrote the famous story Pottiya Izhakal?

141774. Which book won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2015?

141775. Who was faster runner in the 2015 World Athletic Championship held in Beijing?

141776. In which year R.Rahman won the Oscar award?

141777. Which organization won the Nobel Prize for peace in 2012?

141778. The largest Professional Public Relations Organisation is

141779. National Public Relations Day is observed on

141780. The American President while drafting his ‘Seventh Address’ to the congress who first included the term Public Relations is

141781. PR people who discuss ideas with the boss and put them into articles that blend with the news and features of different publications are known as

141782. The informal uncontrolled word of mouth,which carries information much more exciting than simple facts or truth is known as

141783. Creating newsworthy stories and events to attract media attention and to gain public notice is:

141784. A specialized and criticized part of public affairs attempts to influence legislative and regulatory decisions in government is

141785. The aggregation of individual views on some issue is

141786. Information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for the time or space is

141787. The social or interpersonal concept of public opinion of two or more individuals oriented to and communicating about an object of mutual interest is:

141788. The process of employing a participative approach in which employees,customers and opinion leaders help select projects to receive funds,volunteerism,gifts and services in kind for building relationships with key publics in communities is known as

141789. A pocket folder containing information for promotion,crisis etto the print and broadcast media

141790. The PR professionals who can whitewash even the darkest corporate sins earned the reputation as

141791. CSR campaigns are great and the efforts of one of the company was noteworthy for its activities to combat Ebola

141792. An uncontrolled method of placing messages in the media and has news value and the source does not pay the media for placement is

141793. A process in which a public relations representative sends out press releases to various media outlets to promote a company change,a new product or a new service is known as

141794. An advertisement disguised into form of a news story or feature is known as

141795. Communicating with staff at all levels and ensuring every member of staff feels part of a forward thinking team is

141796. A large outdoor printed sign is a

141797. The promotion of specific ideas or views,often political in nature

141798. The dissermination of promotional material to draw interest or generate sales

141799. The business of generating goodwill towards an individual,cause,company or product is

141800. The ‘Carnnes Award’ is given for excellence in which of the following fields?

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