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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2836

141801. Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Namesake’?

141802. The Headquarters of WHO is located at

141803. Whose biography is ‘Romancing With Life’?

141804. Barren Island is located in

141805. is known as the ‘Eternal City’

141806. The author of ‘The General Theory of Employment,interst and Money”

141807. Persons working secretly to subvert a government or a party or an organization from within

141808. ’Island of Blood ‘is a book written by

141809. Written or printed statement about somebody that damages his reputation

141810. Person who writes or speaks several languages

141811. Who manufacture the Macintosh computers?

141812. The newly appointed chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India

141813. The Grand Old Man of Indian Journalism

141814. ----------is known as the father of Indian Politics and Economics.

141815. Dadasaheb Phalke Award was instituted in

141816. When a radio station transmits radiowave,which layer in the atmosphere reflects it back to the earth?

141817. The ‘Hortus Malabaricus’ was compiled by

141818. The newspaper ‘National Herald’was started by

141819. Who was known as the ‘liberator of the press’?

141820. The first Sanskrit film in India directed by G.V.Iyer

141821. ’Beyond Genocide’is a documentary based on

141822. ’The Last Emperor’ and ‘Little Buddha’are films directed by

141823. A journalist who was Indian High Commissioner in London in 1990

141824. The company whose chemical plant in Bhopal had a disastrous gas leak in 1984

141825. Who introduced transformational generative grammar?

141826. The best American film of all time,according to the American Film Institutes contest for 100 best films

141827. Okra is another name for

141828. The great inventor who was professor of vocal physiology at Boston University

141829. Lazio Biro,who created the first ball-point pen,was a Hungarian

141830. Name the writer who began his first novel in the channel Islands,finished it in London and saw published it in India titled ‘The Room on the Roof’

141831. German actress Ursula Patzschke is the worlds first

141832. ’No drama’is a classic Japanese theatrical form.What does ‘no’mean?

141833. The average of first 5 odd numbers between 10 and 30

141834. If 10 percentage of 100 is equal to X percentage of 50,then the value of X is-------

141835. ’A’can do a piece of work in 15 days,while’B’ can do it in 10 days,with the help of ‘C’they finish the work in 5 days,then’C’alone could do it in days

141836. There are 75 employees in a firm,during one year 2/15 of them left,how many remain?

141837. Who is sometimes referred to as the Lincoln of Literature?

141838. Bob Hunter was co-founder of

141839. Who coined the term ‘around sourcing’?

141840. The Act of saving a web document for future access is known as

141841. UNESCO called this Sanskrit Drama form of Kerala as a ‘masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity’

141842. Obtaining of exclusive rights to a story by payment of large sums of money is

141843. The oldest existing newspaper in India is-------

141844. Wi-Fi stand for-------

141845. The personal journals or diarless posted online are known as

141846. A person who thinks and acts in an independent and different way is known as a------

141847. The words and expressions that may lead to a legal action if they are not carefully handled in news releases or other messages from an organization is known as

141848. The concept that a public relations writer should be prepared to provide extensive information in new situations is

141849. A new technology that merges people and machines into a computer-generated environment where they can interact with that environment and other people

141850. TQM stands for

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