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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2850

142501. Total number of marmas mentioned by Vaghbhata is

142502. Best murdha taila mentioned by Vaghbhata is

142503. The hormone antagonist to calcitonin

142504. Agnimandya is specifically mentioned as the main cause of

142505. Trayo upastambas are

142506. Which among the following doesn’t belong to the group as to type of society?

142507. Which one of the following co-operative organization has two tire cooperative structure?

142508. Identify the publication of Kerala State Co-operative Union.

142509. What does IFFCO stands for?

142510. Which of the following co-operative organization has its retail outlet named”Triveni”?

142511. Where is the co-operative credit organizations referred to as ‘KOH’found?

142512. When was ‘Cooperative journal in the world,started by William King?

142513. Who was the head of the committee known as CRAFICARD to recommend for establishment of NABARD in India?

142514. Who is the first lady Chairperson of State Bank of India?

142515. In which of the Commercial Bank was Laxmi Commercial Bank merged with?

142516. All India Co-operative Education Instruction Training Centre was renamed as

142517. Who is the author of book titled ‘A Century of Co-operation’?

142518. Which is the correct match of Institution and the year of establishment?

142519. Mutual Arrangement Scheme Kerala(MASK)is formed with intention of helping co-operative banks to issue

142520. Who is the Chief Executive of Reserve Bank of India at present?

142521. Which is the workers insurance society in Denmark?

142522. Which one of the following term is not related to co-operative movement in Israel>

142523. Which is the supreme authority of ICA?

142524. ICA International Cooperative Day was celebrated from

142525. Based on which accounting concept market value of investments is shown as a footnote to balance sheet?

142526. The capital of Mr.X as on 1-1-2011 is Rs.40,000,interest on drawings Rs.1,800,Interest on Capital Rs.4000,Drawings Rs.15,000,and profit for the year Rs.His Capital as on 31-12-2011 is

142527. Which country is known as Dairy farm of Europe?

142528. The following combinations indicate the nations and type of society originated in the respective nations.Identify the incorrect match.

142529. Who is considered as the first president of the Rockdale pioneers equitable co-operative society?

142530. Mr.H.Calvert,an eminent Co-operator,was the registrar of Co-operative Societies of

142531. Who among the following belongs to Co-operative Enterprise School?

142532. When was the principle “Co-operation among the Co-operatives”proposed by a commission headed by an eminent Indian Co-operator,G.Karve,added to co-operative principles?

142533. Which one of the following feature is found in common in Co-operation and Capitalism?

142534. Malcolm Darling described Co-operation as

142535. Which of the following is not a recommendation by R.N.Mirdha appointed by Government of India in 1961?

142536. Identify the correct match as to authority and the organization/committee to which they are related?

142537. Which one of the following facts is not as per the provisions of Co-operative Societies Act.of 1912?

142538. Who among the following was not a member of AIRCSC headed by AD Gorwala?

142539. Which one of the following fund was to be created under RBI as per the recommendations of Gorwala Committee?

142540. Which of the following concept is not associated with Robert Owen,father of co-operation?

142541. Which of the following is not a feature of banks established by Schulz?

142542. UNI COOP JAPAN was established in Japan in 1961 for the purpose of

142543. Which of the following initiatives does match with co-operatives in the countries?

142544. The chairman of the committee to submit in its report that “Cooperation has failed,but it must succeed”is

142545. When was National Co-operative Development Corporation set up to promote development of agricultural co-operative especially in the field of marketing and processing?

142546. When is the International Co-operative Day celebrated?

142547. Which of the following is not a publication of NCUI?

142548. The institution set up to provide training to senior level officers in co-operative sector is

142549. CICTAB (Centre for International Co-operative Training in Agricultural Banking)was established by Govt.of India with assistance from

142550. Single column cash book may show

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