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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2849

142451. Disinfectant action of sunlight is due to

142452. All of the following are live vaccines except

142453. New vaccine which has been included in WHO immunization schedule

142454. Types of rasayana prayoga mentioned by Vagbhata

142455. Lasuna rasayana prayoga is contraindicated in

142456. Number of pulmonary veins is

142457. Pacemaker of the heart is

142458. Nasya is indicated in morning during

142459. Urine is yellow due to the presence of ---------pigment

142460. Centre in the brain which regulates respiration and cardio vascular activities

142461. Maintenance of posture and equilibrium is the function of

142462. Adhishtana for swasa roga as per Vaghbata is

142463. Embedded in the eyelids are

142464. Maximum limit up to which rakta can be expelled in raktamosha

142465. All panchakarmas are contra indicated in

142466. Proper functioning of indriyas is under the control of

142467. The food which is given for doshotklesha before vamana

142468. The anti insulin hormone is

142469. After panchakarma,’parihara kala’is------times to the time taken to the time taken for panchakarma

142470. The most powerful fat digesting enzyme in the body

142471. Main utility of Chikitsa is

142472. Anuvasana can be given on----------------day of virechana as per Charaka

142473. Among the pancha kashaya kalpana,most potential is

142474. Snehavasthi is done at the end of the day in

142475. Quantity of drug in kashyavasthi

142476. Vastidravya should be expelled out in snehavasthi within

142477. Snehapaka for abhyanga and vasthi as per Charaka are respectively

142478. Alpasveda is indicated over

142479. In Krurakoshta,achapana is indicator for --------days

142480. Ghrita is given in pithaja vikaras at

142481. Abhyanga is contra indicated in

142482. Maximum sarrerabala is in

142483. The best samana oushadha for vatha

142484. Which doshakopa causes teekshnarni?

142485. Type of snehapana indicated in visha

142486. The time period mentioned for sirovasthi in swastha is-------matra

142487. Which of the following is indicated for Gandusha as dinacharya?

142488. Oushadhakala for chardi

142489. Which among the following is not a bahiparimarjana chikitsa?

142490. Which among the following is a type of anagnisweda?

142491. Marma-sandhi samasrita roga is

142492. Vamana is indicated mainly in which doshakopa

142493. ’Agrya Chikitsa’ among the following is

142494. Yojana karma of dravya in niruha is

142495. Type of vasti which can be administered after taking food is

142496. Sleep during day time is indicated in-------ritu

142497. Netranga gourava is seen in

142498. First kriyakrama prescribed in eye diseases is

142499. Souveeranjana is prescribed

142500. Best dravya indicated for vamana as per Vaghbhata

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