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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2848

142401. Minimum number of persons to firm a partnership is:

142402. Partners salary is---------to partners Capital Account.

142403. Partner’s Current Account is a ----------account.

142404. A written agreement between the partners that governs the partnership is called

142405. Interest on Capital is a -------to the firm.

142406. An amount due to the retiring partners,if not paid immediately,is transferred to his

142407. Editor of Daily Madras standard

142408. Keralopakari was published

142409. The article Smaranamadhuri was written by

142410. The Problem of the Rupee:Origin and Solution is a work of

142411. The Objective Resolution was moved by Nehru on

142412. Who wrote the poem Keralam?

142413. Mariyamma Nadakam

142414. Name the leader of Samyuktha Rashtreeya Sabha Agitation

142415. The first women member in the Kochin Legislative assembly

142416. Which article of Indian constitution provisions the joint session of the Parliament?

142417. Lakkadavala Committee is related to

142418. In which year Tamilnadu introduced the Right to Information Act?

142419. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme introduced in Kerala

142420. The author of the book Speaker Rules

142421. Article 371(i)a special provision is given to the state of

142422. Sandishtavati was published in

142423. Kalyanadayini Sabha

142424. In which year Lokamanyan was published?

142425. Which district of Kerala started the Mobile Court?

142426. International nurses day is observed on

142427. Which among the following is not regarded as a vital sign?

142428. Which among the following is an instrument used for measuring specific gravity of urine?

142429. Name the test for detection of urine sagar

142430. Nasal feeding may be indicated in

142431. Stiffening of the body after death is called

142432. The smallest bone in the body is

142433. Average time duration for placing the clinical thermometer for recording body temperature orally

142434. Which among the following is the last sense to leave the dying body?

142435. Normal ESR value by Westergren’s method in males

142436. Most common complication in the usage of IUCD is

142437. Which among the following does not belong to Ashtanga yoga?

142438. Which among the following is known as the ‘King of Asanas’?

142439. The proportion of dravya and drava in the mantha as per Sarngadhara

142440. Generally the Kriyakarma,’Tala’is done for a time period of

142441. All among the following food substances are advised to be taken as daily routine except

142442. The disease declared as eradicated by WHO is

142443. Which among the following vaccination is given to the new born baby at the time of birth?

142444. Which among the following is the laboratory test done for the detection of AIDS?

142445. Chicken pox is caused by

142446. Which among the following disease is caused by a virus?

142447. Which among the following is the first National Health Programme launched?

142448. Sabin vaccine is given in the immunization of

142449. Which of the following is a fungal disease?

142450. Which among the following is not a ‘barrier method’in family planning?

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