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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 287

14351. Common propagation technique adopted for mango:

14352. Best planting material for banana:

14353. Fruit crop with maximum share of production:

14354. Rootstock inducing dwarfness in citrus:

14355. Popular white coloured seedless grape:

14356. Popular tender coconut variety:

14357. In triangular system of planting with a spacing of 6 m,number of coconut palms accommodated in one hectare:

14358. Leading coffee exporting country in the world:

14359. King of spice:

14360. Leading turmeric producing state in India:

14361. National Seed Corporation(NSC)was established during the year:

14362. Breeder seeds are produced from:

14363. Genetic purity of a seed means:

14364. Maximum amount of weed seed permitted in rice seed for getting certified:

14365. Isolation distance for seed production in sorghum:

14366. Unique feature of PPVFR Act(2001)not provided in UPOV Act(1991):

14367. Under UPOV 1991 Act,the criteria that a plant variety need not satisfy for protection:

14368. The first product in India to bag Geographical Indication:

14369. In India Bio Diversity Act was enacted during the year:

14370. Trade related Intellectual Property Right(TRIPs)agreement forms a part of which round of GATT

14371. Type of selection done from a germplasm collection for the individuals with extreme phenotype of a trait:

14372. When velocity of fast neutron mutagen is reduced by hard water then it is termed as:

14373. ’D’genome of Triticum asestivum is derived from which species:

14374. Yellow coloured seedless watermelon released from Kerala Agricultural University:

14375. If male sterility of a line in hybrid seed production is maintained by altering the temperature it is known as:

14376. Hybrid rice:

14377. Average husked nut size required while selecting mother palm in coconut:

14378. World’s first GMS based hybrid in pigeon pea:

14379. Sesamum variety released for summer rice fallow in sandy tract:

14380. Multiple hybrid of tapioca:

14381. A BPH tolerant variety of rice:

14382. The pest that affects export quality of mango fruits:

14383. Scientific name of coconut eriophyid mite:

14384. Katte disease of cardamom is caused by:

14385. A bio control agent used for the management of quick wilt of pepper:

14386. Which of the following is a systemic fungicide?

14387. The trade name of copper oxychloride is:

14388. Which of the new generation insecticide belongs to neonicotinoid group?

14389. The causal organism of panama wilt in banana:

14390. Drying of leaves back from the tip,curling and undulated yellowish necrosis in rice is the symptom of:

14391. Vector of Yellow vein mosaic disease in bhindi:

14392. The fungal bio agent used for the management of coconut rhinoceros beetle:

14393. Yellow sticky trap is used for the management of:

14394. Common predators of aphid colonies:

14395. The pest that can be controlled using Bt brinjal:

14396. Scienctific name of little bee is:

14397. A viral disease that affects sericulture is:

14398. The insect vector of dengue fever is:

14399. Carbofuran 3G is now temporarily substituted by:

14400. The recent ban of red labeled insecticides was imposed in Kerala in:

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