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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 288

14401. MO-21,the non-lodging photoinsensitive semi-tall variety suitable for Kuttanad is known as:

14402. Nitrogen content of oil seeds is calculated by dividing the protein content by the factor:

14403. The protein content of soyabean is---------%.

14404. The anti-nutritional factor present in the oil of rapeseed and mustard is:

14405. The total land area required under sole cropping to give the same yields obtained in the intercropping mixture is called:

14406. The bacteria used for incorporating genes in the production of golden rice is:

14407. The Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located at:

14408. The gross area under rice in Kerala is --------------lakh h

14409. The domesticated species of sugarcane is:

14410. Hybrid Napier is a hybrid of:

14411. The Central Reasearch Institute for Dryland Agriculture is located at:

14412. The process of movement of free water from the surface into the soil is called:

14413. The surface irrigation method used for irrigating most of the rice in the world is:

14414. ----------is a selective herbicide used for controlling grasses,especially Echinochloa in rice.

14415. The Calcium Carbonate Equivalency(CCE)of-----------is

14416. Cattle which feed on-------------deficient fodder crops may develop grass tetany.

14417. The organism used for composting coir pith is:

14418. Chlorimuron ethyl+Metsulfuron methyl is a herbicide used in areas where -----------weed is a problem.

14419. Decrease in water potential caused by the adsortption of water to soil surfaces is called:

14420. The first reported occurrence of herbicide resistance in India was that of the weed-------------in wheat to Isoproturon.

14421. Who was the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha?

14422. The writer who won the Kendra Sahitya Academy award 2014?

14423. Who is the author of the Book ‘Voice from Chernobill’?

14424. The Jnana Pita Award was given for the first time in:

14425. Who was the editor of the Journal ‘Mitavadi’?

14426. The British Governor who issued orders permitting Channar women to weal Jacket and Pinafore:

14427. Who was the founder of ‘AtmaVidya Sangam’?

14428. The Temple Entry Proclamation in Kochi was issued in the year:

14429. The present number of Block Panchayaths in Kerala:

14430. Which is the 11nd Railway line in Kerala?

14431. The science deals with the study about snakes is knowns as:

14432. Which is the largest taluk in Kerala?

14433. Which among the following metals is known as ‘Quick Silver’?

14434. Which day is celebrated as International non-violence day by the UNO?

14435. The head quarters of National Intelligence Agency in Kerala:

14436. The first Indian state to get Nirmal Gram Award:

14437. Which state has the largest coast line in India?

14438. National emergency can be declared by the president only

14439. The idea of constitution of India was first of all given by:

14440. Who was the first elected vice president of India?

14441. Which of the following vitamins is referred to as the antirachitic vitamin?

14442. Which of the following is non essential amino acid?

14443. The hormone that controls let-down reflex in lactation is

14444. Which of the following conditions requires a high residue diet?

14445. Deficiency of sodium in the diet leads to the condition

14446. ICDS programme was launched in the year

14447. 7…………….are large size picture used for imparting knowledge in extension education

14448. The main aim of Jawhar Rozgar Yojna is

14449. The step in programme development where programme is actually staged

14450. 10……………..is meant to cover various educational needs of non-school going children or ‘drop-outs’

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