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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 289

14451. Development of off flavor and odour in fats due to physical agents is termed as

14452. The elastic property of wheat dough is due to the property of

14453. The antinutritional factor present in pulses which inhibits absorption of proteins

14454. The main protein present in milk is

14455. The principle flavouring component in cardamom

14456. Which of the following toxin is found in groundnuts

14457. Which of the following is a viral disease

14458. Group of bacteria most commonly involved in spoilage of protein rich foods are:

14459. The proteclytic enzyme present in the pancreatic juice is:

14460. In the cardiac cycle ,the period during which the ventricle contracts is reffered to as the:

14461. The Montessori system emphasizes on:

14462. The sequential order of play development in children is:

14463. ’Peter Pan Syndrome’is associated with:

14464. 24……………..is the lacteal secretion of mammals,produced immediately prior to birth and intended for feeding the new born.

14465. The study of basic sounds which constitute any language form is called:

14466. 1/3 of the total number of seats are reserved for women in:

14467. The author of the book ‘Social problems in India’:

14468. Muslim men could marry four women and divorce any wife at will by giving her:

14469. Gram Swaraj is the idea of:

14470. Hindu Succession Act 1956 provides women the right :

14471. In the matriarchal joint family usually the eldest male member is known as:

14472. Panchayat Raj means:

14473. Cyclical unemployment is caused because of:

14474. Primary data means:

14475. The author of the book’caste class and power’:

14476. Joint family consists of people of……….generation

14477. The gas which leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy,the worst industrial accident?

14478. 38…………………….is responsible for choler

14479. The term child labour is considered as a child working below…………….years of age.

14480. Nair matriarchal family is known as:

14481. 41………………….city has got large number of working children.

14482. The Central government established the National Commission for women in the year:

14483. The British political thinker………………….gave birth to concept of human rights.

14484. 44…………………..organized the first Bhakti Movement which introduced new trends in the social and religious life of women in India

14485. Case study method involves:

14486. 46……………..is observed as international Women’s day.

14487. Sampling means:

14488. Domestic Violence Act was passed in the year:

14489. Seasonal unemployment is generally seen in …………..sector

14490. Atmosphere means:

14491. The legislation which prevent sex selective abortion(Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique-PNDT) Act is enacted in the year:

14492. The description of a relationship between two or more people in which personal boundaries are permeable and unclear is called:

14493. The client’s inclination to oppose counsellor’s attempt to work towards setting goals is:

14494. Which type of counseling focus their attention to what is going on inside the individual and family?

14495. Paraphrasing in counseling is said to be one of the

14496. Which type of group leader focus on establishing facilitative climatic within the group,characterized by congruence,unconditional positive regards and empathetic understanding?

14497. Autism as psychological hazard is found in which life span of an individual:

14498. Feeling sorrow of concern for another person is called:

14499. In which parenting style children are more likely to be socially competent,responsible and autonomous?

14500. WHO defines Adolescents as persons in the age group of:

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