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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 290

14501. The school immunization schedule include JE vaccine to be given in the age group of

14502. The very basic functions such as socialization,reproductive and sexual functions,economic functions,identity and social status,and emotional security are performed by what as an institution?

14503. What development of children will be directly affected by the reduction of emotional and physical support by the family?

14504. Which category of people in the life cycle faces identity crises?

14505. Which of the following is the prominentmethod of contraception in India?

14506. What type of group after starting of membership and facilitate cohesion and trust:

14507. Emotional purging in the group role play is understand as

14508. Evaluating the client’s social functioning,attitude and emotions as specific tasks are considere

14509. The fertilized ovum is known as

14510. Biophysical dimension to the refinement or improvement of body component is called

14511. The characteristic pattern in which,an infant responds to and interacts with the environment is reffered as

14512. Whcih one of the programmes is designed to promote survival and care of girl children?

14513. ’Drugs exposed infants are disorganized and may have a low sensory threshold’What type of hazard is this?

14514. The family planning programme was launched in:

14515. Which is the tool that help an individual to become self dependent,self directed and self sufficient?

14516. A sleep disorder charactorised by periodic sleep during the day time is known as

14517. The most effective CS-UCS temporal arrangement in classical conditioning is

14518. The law of effect by:

14519. Delusion of being a wolf:

14520. A bipolar disorder

14521. Schizosypal personality disorder grouped into

14522. Self love

14523. A sensory experience that occurs in the absence of any external percepetual stimulus

14524. Imitating the action of others

14525. Schizo affective disorder

14526. The first Psychologist in United States,Founding a laboratory at Cornell University in 1982

14527. A Humanistic Psychologist

14528. The first formal movement in Psychology by

14529. Computer related approach in Psychology:

14530. A change in behaviour in the absence of an experimental manipulation is called

14531. Integrate and Co-ordinate all bodily functions by

14532. The biochemical substances that stimulate other neurons:

14533. Among the following which is not the part of Limbic System

14534. The frotal lobe involved in

14535. Auditory Cortex is known as

14536. Specialized glial cells are called

14537. The conversion of one form of physical energy to another form is called

14538. The amscrine cells

14539. A chemical substance used within a given species to signal sexual receptivity ,danger territorial boundaries and food sources are called

14540. Gate Central Theory by Ronald Melzack is related with

14541. Ram bought a computer with 15% discount on the labeled price and sold it with 10% profit on the labeled price.Approximately,what was his percentage of profit on the price he bought.

14542. A large tank filled with water is to be emptied by removing 1/5th of the water present in it everyday.After how many days will there be closest to 25% of the water left in the tank

14543. If 15 persons can do a work in 16 days.After 4 days 3 more people joined in the work.In how many days the remaining work will complete

14544. Rs.2400/- is divided among the three persons P,Q and R respectively in the ratio 3:4:If an amount Rs.200/-is added to each of their shares,what is the new respective ratio of their share amount

14545. The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 8% per annum is Rs.1040/-The simple interest on it at the same ratio for 2 years is

14546. If “POLICE”is coded as “GEKNQR”.Find the code of “OFFICER”

14547. What is the next term in the sequence 30,21,39,30,57,-----------?

14548. Square root of 3+Square root of 12+Square root of 27+Square root of 48+------is given by

14549. If P means addition,Q means subtraction ,R means multiplication,s means division,what is the value of 30P20S5Q4R3

14550. What will be the maximum number of Sundays and Mondays in a leap year?

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