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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2904

145201. A cut provided in the door frame to receive the shutter:

145202. The capacity for doing work:

145203. The method of timbering of trenches used for supporting the sides of a soft ground of depth not exceeding 10 metre and providing an offset at the end of the each stage is:

145204. The defects due to seasoning,which indicate by the curvature formed in the direction of length of timber:

145205. The liquid substances which hold the ingredients of the paint in liquid suspension and helps them to spread evenly on the surface to be painte

145206. The last staff reading taken by a level just before the shifting:

145207. In ‘Auto CAD’drawing function key-------is used for ORTHO mode on and off.

145208. The vertical member of metal or wood,supporting the handrail of a stair:

145209. If the bearing of two lines AB and AC are N 43015’E and S 45045’E respectively,then the included angle between these lines is:

145210. The projecting course at the upper part of a pier or an abutment of an arch to stress the springing line is:

145211. The triangular shaped portion of Masonry at the end of a sloped roof:

145212. The temporary enclosure constructed in a river for excluding water during construction:

145213. The formation of conical hole in the plastered surface due to the presence of some particles which expand on setting such defects of plastering is:

145214. The increase in volume of sand due to the presence of surface moisture upto some extent is:

145215. Instrument used for determining the ‘soundness’of cement is:

145216. The centre of the arch lies above the sprining line,the arch is called:

145217. The ratio of isometric length to its true length is nearly:

145218. The Auto CAD command which used to creates multiple copies of selected objects in rectangular or polar form:

145219. The diameter and height of a cylinder is 4cm,then the volume of cylinder in cubic centimetre is:

145220. Asper the present Kerala municipality building rule the minimum width of stair for group B (Educational building)is:

145221. A trap which is provided for preventing the entry of sewer gases from public line in to the house drains:

145222. The Line joining some fixed points on the main survey lines,for the purpose of locating interior details:

145223. The term used to indicate dry refuce which includes decayed fruits,paper pieces,grass etc:

145224. The ratio between the total covered area of all floors of a building to the plot area:

145225. The adjustments required to be made at each of the surveying stations before making observation are called:

145226. The continous thin line connecting a dimensional value or some information relating to a feature in an engineering drawing is:

145227. The planning of two or more related rooms in proximity of each other to minimize the length of circulation and improves the comfort:

145228. The abbreviated form of complex compound of cement C3S,C2S,C3A and C4AF are also called:

145229. The course of stone placed immediately below the cornice to improve the appearance of external face of the wall is:

145230. The ability of a material to resist fraction due to high impact like hammer blows is:

145231. The channel or pipe which carries water away from the power house after it has been passed through the turbine is:

145232. When cast-iron pipes are used to convey water with high pressure----------joints are used

145233. Who established schools in Nagarcoil in the beginning of the 19th Century?

145234. Who is the author of the book ‘Malabar Kalapam’?

145235. Pazhassi Raja was died on:

145236. ’Atma Katha’ is the autobiography of:

145237. Who among the following was not a leader of Nivarthana Agitation?

145238. A famous travellor Ibn Batuta belongs to:

145239. Duragapur steel plant was set up with the assistance of:

145240. The leader of Kurichya revolt of 1812:

145241. Malabar was joined with the Madras presidency in the year:

145242. Kunhi Kannan was the original name of:

145243. Who was the first secretary of the Malabar district congress committee?

145244. Which among the following news paper started publishing in the year 1924?

145245. The famous electricity agitation of 1936 was held at:

145246. Kizhariyur-Bomb case was associated with;

145247. Which political organization was formed in the year 1941?

145248. The Travancore State Manual was compiled by:

145249. ’Samkshepa Vedartham’was published from:

145250. Tennis Davis cup 2015 was won by:

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