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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2905

145251. Former Kerala Chief Minister EMS died in the year:

145252. ’Samatva Samajam’was associated with:

145253. Which of the following is considered as DBMS?

145254. Which of the following System software resides in the main memory always?

145255. When was Apple Macintosh II micro computer introduced in the market?

145256. FDDI is a:

145257. Which of the following device is used to connect two systems,especially if the systems use different protocols?

145258. EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters:

145259. Which 32-bit microprocessor is used in IBM’s PS/2 model-80 computer?

145260. The Boolean expression X=A+B+C+is logically equivalent to what single gate:

145261. The --------layer is the layer closes to the transmission medium.

145262. 1024 Kilobytes represent a:

145263. Which of the following is not a function of DBA?

145264. A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution:

145265. The software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as:

145266. To copy the hidden system files of DOS to mother disk you can use the command:

145267. A full binary tree with 2n+1 nodes contain:

145268. What does Belay Anomaly related to?

145269. In Which year the first operating system was developed:

145270. The geostationary satellite used for communication systems:

145271. What is the port number of POP3?

145272. Who programmed the first computer game spacewar in 1962?

145273. Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tap?

145274. A technique for direct search is:

145275. What does PPTP stands for?

145276. Which of the following statement is correct

145277. The communication mode that supports two-way traffic but only one direction at time is:

145278. What is thrashing?

145279. Linux Torvalds develop which operating system:

145280. Which operating system is developed and used by Apple Inc?

145281. Which one is the current fastest super computer in India?

145282. What does SSL stands for?

145283. How many types of Polymorphism are supported by C++?

145284. Which address is the loop back address?

145285. Process are classified into different group in:

145286. Which keys can be used to pressed quit without saving in DOS?

145287. The OS of a computer may periodically collect all the free memory space to form continuous block of free space.This is called:

145288. India’s first super computer param 8000 was installed in:

145289. The number of interchanges required to sort 5,1,6,2,4 in asceding order using Bubble sort is:

145290. Modem is used data transmission when was it invented and in which country:

145291. In Php variable name starts with:

145292. The person contributes the idea of the stored program was:

145293. Father of Java Programming language

145294. A semaphore:

145295. In OSI Model,which of the following layer provides error-free delivery of data

145296. Which of the following is not a level 0 data abstraction?

145297. ISP exchanges internet traffic between their networks by:

145298. What are the most commonly used transmission speeds in BPS used in data communication

145299. The average successful search time or sequential search on ‘n’ items is:

145300. Which of the following is a data model?

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