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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 361

18051. The temperature dependence of reaction rate constant (K) by Arhenius law is given by

18052. For a __________ order chemical reaction, , the fractional conversion of reactant 'A' is proportional to time.

18053. Velocity of a chemical reaction

18054. Backmixing is most predominant in

18055. If helium is introduced in a reactor containing O2, SO2 and SO3 at equilibrium, so that total pressure increases while volume and temperature remains constant. In this case the dissociation of SO3 (as per Le Chatlier principle)

18056. ‘Be Prepared’ is the Slogan related to.............?

18057. Fluidised bed reactor is characterised by

18058. In which of the following gaseous phase reversible reactions, the product yield can not be increased by the application of high pressure ?

18059. Space time equals the mean residence time

18060. A liquid decomposes by irreversible first order kinetics and the half life period of this reaction is 8 minutes. The time required for 75% conversion of the liquid will be __________ minutes.

18061. Rate constant 'k' and absolute temperature 'T' are related by collision theory (for bimolecular) as

18062. The conversion for a first order liquid phase reaction. A B in a CSTR is 50%. If another CSTR of the same volume is connected in series, then the % conversion at the exit of the second reactor will be

18063. What is the dispersion number for a CSTR?

18064. Rate of a chemical reaction is independent of the concentration of the reactants for a __________ reaction.

18065. With increase in temperature, the rate constant obeying Arhenious equation

18066. Bulk diffusion in catalyst pore __________ with increase in pressure.

18067. S. 2 deals with

18068. The concentration of A in a first order reaction, A B, decreases

18069. The equilibrium constant of chemical reaction __________ in the presence of catalyst.

18070. The order of a chemical reaction is

18071. A chemical reaction occurs, when the energy of the reacting molecules is __________ the activation energy of reaction.

18072. In the hydrodealkylation of toluene to benzene, the following reactions occur: C7H8 + H2 C6H6 + CH4 2C6H6 C12H10 + H2 Toluene and hydrogen are fed to a reactor in a molar ratio 1:5.80% of the toluene gets converted and the selectivity of benzene(defined as moles of benzene formed/moles of toluene converted) is 90%. The fractional conversion of hydrogen is

18073. Catalyst is a substance, which __________ chemical reaction.

18074. Which of the following is not true of the Digambaras?

18075. A rise in temperature

18076. The enzyme which can catalyse the conversion of glucose to ethyl alcohol is

18077. For reaction, P + 2 3R, molar rate of consumption of P is

18078. If pore diffusion is the controlling step in a solid catalysed reaction, the catalyst

18079. The conversion of a reactant, undergoing a first order reaction, at a time equal to three times the half life of the reaction is

18080. In case of unimolecular type elementary reaction, , plug flow reactor as compared to mixed reactor is

18081. What is the value of 'n' if the reaction rate of the chemical reaction A B, is proportional to CAn and it is found that the reaction rate triples, when the concentration of 'A' is increased 9 times ?

18082. The first order series reaction is conducted in a batch reactor. The initial concentrations of A, B and C (CA0, CB0, CC0 respectively) are all non-zero. The variation of CB with reaction time will not show a maximum, if

18083. A second order reaction of the form A + B C is called a pseudo-first order reaction, when

18084. Which is debit?

18085. Effectiveness factor (E) of a catalyst pellet is defined as, Effectiveness factor for a first order reaction is given by (where, T = Thiele modulus)

18086. Inversion of cane sugar is an example of

18087. What is benefit sacrificed from next best alternative called?

18088. In which of the following gaseous phase reactions, the equilibrium of the reaction remains unaffacted by pressure changes ?

18089. The Chola ruler who subdued the Ganges and obtained the title 'Gangai Konda Cholan’ was?

18090. Integral method for analysing the kinetic data is used

18091. The famous book ‘Interpreter of Maladies’is written by?

18092. The rate of a gas phase reaction is given by K . CA . CB. If the volume of the reaction vessel is reduced to l/4th of its initial volume, then the reaction rate compared to the original rate will be __________ times.

18093. Rate of a chemical reaction is not affected by the

18094. Overall rate of reaction in a heterogenous catalytic reaction depends upon the mass and energy transfer from the fluid to solid surface and its rate of reaction is usually __________ the concentration of catalyst, if it does not entail a chain mechanism.

18095. __________ resistance is not involved in the combustion of a carbon particle.

18096. In an ideal P.F.R. at steady state conditions

18097. B.E.T. method of finding out surface area of a catalyst, uses the extension of __________ isotherm.

18098. In a chemical reaction, repesented by, , it is observed that the (i) rate of reaction increases by a factor of 4 on doubling the concentration of the reactant. (ii) rate of reaction increases by a factor of 9 on trebling the concentration of the reactant. Then the rate of the reaction is proportional to(where, CA = contentration of the reactant)

18099. “Man is born free and every where he is in chains.” Who said this?

18100. An example of autothermal reactor operation is

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