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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 360

18001. The gas phase reaction 2A B is carried out in an isothermal plug flow reactor. The feed consists of 80 mole % A and 20 mole % inerts. If the conversion of A at the reactor exit is 50%, then CA/CA0 at the outlet of the reactor is

18002. A batch reactor suffers from following disadvantage.

18003. A first order reaction is to be treated in a series of two mixed reactors. The total volume of the two reactors is minimum, when the reactors are

18004. Half life period of a chemical reaction is proportional to CA0-1 , if the reaction is of __________ order.

18005. The irreversible reaction, X Y, is the special case of the reversible reaction, X Y, in which the

18006. The equilibrium constant K of a chemical reaction depends on

18007. The reaction rate almost gets doubled for 10°C rise in temperature. This is due to the fact that the

18008. Which of the following is not a unit of reaction rate ?

18009. Brunaur, Emmet and Teller (BET) equation is used to determine the specific surface area of a porous particle but not the pore volume & the porosity of the catalyst bed. Which of the following postulates is not used to derive BET equation ?

18010. The sequence in which three CSTR's of volumes 5, 10 and 15 m3 will be connected in series to obtain the maximum production in a second order irreversible reaction is

18011. The following half life data are available for the irreversible liquid phase reaction A products. The overall order of reaction is

18012. A non-catalytic chemical reaction of the type is called a __________ reaction.

18013. The unit of frequency factor in Arhenious equation is

18014. With increase in the order of reaction (for all positive reaction orders), the ratio of the volume of mixed reactor to the volume of plug flow reactor (for identical feed composition, flow rate and conversion)

18015. Reaction of benzene with chlorine gas to produce tri-chlorobenzene exemplifies a/an __________ reaction.

18016. For the gaseous reaction 2A B, where the feed consists of 50 mole % A and 50 mole % inerts, the expansion factor is

18017. The molecularity and the order of reaction respectively, for the hydrolysis of methyl acetate in presence of acids are

18018. The irreversible reaction is a special case of reversible reaction, if the

18019. A pollutant P degrades according to first order kinetics. An aqueous stream containing P at 2 kmole/m3 and volumetric flow rate 1m3 /h requires a mixed flow reactor of volume V to bring down the pollutant level to 0.5 kmole/m3 . The inlet concentration of the pollutant is now doubled and the volumetric flow rate is tripled. If the pollutant level is to be brought down to the same level of 0.5 kmole/m3 , the volume of the mixed flow reactor should be increased by a factor of

18020. For the liquid phase parallel reactions: R, rR = K1.CA2; E1 = 80 KJ/mole S, rs = K1.CA ; E2 = 120 KJ/mole The desired product is R. A higher selectivity of R will be achieved, if the reaction is conducted at

18021. In an ideal mixed reactor (at steady state), the

18022. The knowledge of initial concentration and rate constant is necessary to determine the half life time of a reaction of __________ order.

18023. Which of the following factors control the design of a fluid-solid reactor ?

18024. A Catalyst

18025. The synthesis of proteins and metabolism in biological objects occur in the presence of biocatalyst called

18026. Prepaid rent is a

18027. Kinetics of a catalytic reaction can be best studied on a/an __________ reactor.

18028. In case of a __________ reactor, the composition in the reactor and at the exit of the reactor is the same.

18029. Exothermic reactions are best carried out in

18030. What is the order of chemical reaction , if itis found that the reaction rate doubles on doubling the concentration of B and also the reaction rate doubles when the concentrations of both A & B were doubled and quandrupled when the concentrations of both B & C were doubled ?

18031. Reactions with high activation energy are

18032. In case of a/an __________ chemical reaction, conversion increases with the rise in temperature.

18033. A space velocity of 5 hr-1 means that

18034. With increase in initial concentration, the fractional conversion of a first order reaction in a given time

18035. The rate of reaction of a/an __________ reaction is not affected by temperature rise.

18036. With an increase in pressure in gaseous phase chemical reactions, the fractional conversion __________ when the number of moles decreases.

18037. Half-life period for a first order reaction is __________ the initial concentration of the reactant.

18038. Carbon particles accummulated on the catalyst used in the gas oil cracking lies in the category of __________ poison.

18039. The order of the chemical reaction, , whose rate equation is given as -rA = KCA2. CB is

18040. What is the dispersion number for a plug flow reactor ?

18041. The decomposition of A into B is represented by the exothermic reaction, A 2B. To achieve maximum decomposition, it is desirable to carry out the reaction.

18042. The catalytic converter for conversion of SO2 to SO3 by contact process should have a feed with SO2 content between

18043. If the pore diffusion controls in a catalytic reaction, the apparent activation energy Ea is equal to

18044. With increase in K2/K1 in case of a unimolecular type elementary reactions, the fractional yield of 'R' in mixed reactor (for a given conversion of 'A')

18045. Collision theory gives the rate constant for bimolecular reaction as

18046. A gaseous reactant is introduced in a mixed reactor of 3 litres volume at the rate of 1 litre/second. The space time is __________ seconds.

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