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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 393

19651. In laminar flow through a round tube, the discharge varies

19652. Which is not a variable head meter ?

19653. The pipe wall thickness is minimum for a pipe of given nominal size having schedule number

19654. Reynolds number for flow of water at room temperature through 2 cm dia pipe at an average velocity of 5 cm/sec is around

19655. Centrifugal pumps as compared to reciprocating pumps

19656. What type of motion the fluid element undergoes, when it changes from one position to another position, such that the angle between the two sides change ?

19657. In which type of fluid flow, the velocity of flow of fluid changes from point to point in the fluid at any instant ?

19658. The continuity equation in ideal fluid flow states that

19659. Bernoulli's equation is not applicable, when the flow is

19660. The equivalent diameter for pressure drop calculation for a duct of square cross-section is given by(where, x = each side of the square duct)

19661. Centre of pressure of a plane surface of arbitrary shape immersed vertically in a static mass of fluid

19662. Drag co-efficient for flow past immersed body is the ratio of __________ to the product of velocity head and density.

19663. Creeping flow around a sphere is defined, when particle Reynolds number is

19664. Open channel liquid flow is most conveniently measured by a

19665. Toothpaste is a

19666. Slurries can be most conveniently pumped by a __________ pump.

19667. Volute type of casing is provided in a centrifugal pump to

19668. Each term of the Bernoulli's equation written in the form, , represents the total energy per unit

19669. In a free vortex, the

19670. An antimalarial drug is

19671. The velocity distribution in direction normal to the direction of flow in plane Poiseuille flow is

19672. In fluid flow, the stagnation point is defined as a point, where the __________ is zero.

19673. A special type of liquid transporting device is the diffuser pump, in which __________ are minimised.

19674. Which of the following is most prone to pulsating discharge flow ?

19675. A streamline is

19676. Which of the following relationship is valid for the equilibrium position of the float in a rotameter ?(where, Df= Drag force on the float Bf = Buoyant force on the float Wf = Weight of the float)

19677. Drag is defined as the force exerted by the

19678. The boundary layer is that part of a moving fluid, in which the fluid velocity is

19679. The terminal velocity of a solid spherical particle falling through a stationary fluid mass in the Stoke's law range is proportional to the

19680. Which of the following equations as suggested by Colebrook and White gives the increase in roughness of a new surface (ε0) with age/time (t) (where, ε = roughness of the surface after time't'. α = a co-efficient to be experimentally determined)?

19681. Nominal size of a pipe is an indication of its __________ diameter.

19682. Fluidised beds are formed, when the

19683. A fluid is pumped at the rate of 10 lb/sec to a height of 55 ft. The horse power required is __________ hp.

19684. Heat capacity of species is independent of temperature if it is

19685. Medium viscosity lubricating oil can be most ideally pumped by a __________ pump.

19686. In a fully turbulent flow (Re > 105) in a pipe of diameter 'd', for a constant pressure gradient, the dependence of volumetric flow rate of an incompressible fluid is

19687. Pump used for the transportation of molten sodium in a fast breader reactor is a/an __________ pump.

19688. Small pressure differences in liquids is measured using a/an

19689. With increase in pump speed, its NPSH requirement

19690. In the Newton's law range, the terminal velocity of a solid spherical particle falling through a stationary fluid mass is __________ the fluid viscosity.

19691. Gear pump

19692. Most of the centrifugal pumps used in chemical plants are usually __________ driven.

19693. Check valve provided in the discharge line of a centrifugal pump serves the purpose of controlling the

19694. Venturimeters, orificemeters and nozzles are used to measure the fluid discharge from a pipeline. The average fluid velocity in a pipeline can be measured by a/an

19695. The time taken for gravity flow of a fixed volume of liquid (as in Redwood viscometer) is directly proportional to its

19696. The exit cone angle in case of a standard venturimeter is __________ the entrance cone angle.

19697. Sewage sludge is __________ type of non-Newtonion fluid.

19698. Ratio of pressure and inertia force gives __________ number.

19699. Permanent loss in a venturimeter is about __________ percent of the pressure drop in theupstream cone.

19700. Volume of liquid displaced by a floating body is equivalent to its

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