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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 392

19601. Which of the following flow measuring devices is an area meter ?

19602. With decrease in particle size to be fluidised by a particular fluid, the operating range of fluidisation velocity

19603. Diaphragm valves are used for handling __________ fluids.

19604. The schedule number of a pipe is an indication of its

19605. Minimum porosity for fluidisation is

19606. A centrifugal pump used to pump water is used to pump an oil with specific gravity of 0.8 at the same rate. The power consumption will now

19607. Steady non-uniform flow is exemplified by flow through a/an

19608. The maximum depth from which a centrifugal pump can draw water is

19609. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure the

19610. Propeller type centrifugal pumps are most suitable for

19611. The fluid velocity varies as the square of the cylindrical pipe diameter, in case of steady state laminar flow at constant pressure drop, for __________ fluid.

19612. Momentum transfer in laminar flow of fluids results due to the

19613. The capillary rise of mercury is maximum in glass tube of dia __________ mm.

19614. Diaphragm pumps are used to transport

19615. For steady ideal fluid flow, the Bernoulli's equation states that the

19616. In case of a centrifugal pump, the theoretical head developed is dependent on the __________ the impeller.

19617. A hydraulic press has a ram of 10 cms in diameter and a plunger of 1 cm in diameter. The force required on the plunger to raise a weight of 10 tons on the ram is __________ kg.

19618. Choose the set of pressure intensities that are equivalent.

19619. Where did Golf originated?

19620. Pick out the wrong statement about a streamline.

19621. The most serious disadvantage of an orificemeter is that

19622. The discharge through a rectangular weir varies as

19623. In case of supersonic flow of a fluid through pipeline, the 'Mach number' is

19624. A centrifugal pump has the following specifications: Power = 4 H.P.; Speed = 800 rpm Head = 8 metres Flow = 1000 litres/minutes. If its speed is halved, the power consumed now will be __________ hp.

19625. Transition length for turbulent flow in smooth pipe is equal to __________ times the pipe diameter.

19626. Disc compensators are provided in large diameter fuel gas carrying pipelines to

19627. Discharge from a 24 inch pipe of water at 10 ft/sec will be __________ ft3/sec.

19628. Paper pulp is an example of __________ fluid.

19629. The ratio of the depth of flow to the diameter of the channel for maximum discharge in a circular channel in open channel flow is

19630. A conical tank with a bottom opening of cross-sectional area A is filled with water and is mounted on supports as shown in the figure. What is the force F with which plate X must be pushed up to prevent water from leaking ? Assume that the density of air is negligible as compared to the density of water ρL.

19631. A relief valve

19632. An isentropic process is the one, in which

19633. The distribution of shear stress in a stream of fluid in a circular tube is

19634. For motion of spherical particles in a stationary fluid, the drag co-efficient in hindered settling compared to that in free settling is

19635. Specific speed of a centrifugal pump relates it with another pump having the

19636. Air vessel fitted to a reciprocating pump

19637. Deformation drag, which is caused by widespread deformation of fluid around the immersed body

19638. In isotropic turbulence, the __________ are equal to each other.

19639. Viscosity of water is about __________ times that of air at room temperature.

19640. Net positive suction head (NPSH) of a centrifugal pump must be

19641. Actual lift of a pump is always less than the theoretical lift and is limited by the

19642. In case of unsteady fluid flow, conditions & flow pattern change with the passage of time at a position in a flow situation. Which of the following is an example of unsteady flow?

19643. Nature of fluid flow during the opening of a valve in a pipeline is

19644. The __________ pressure is measured by a static tube.

19645. The speed of a sound wave in a gas is analogous to the speed of

19646. Mercury is an ideal barometric fluid mainly due to its

19647. A spherical particle is falling slow in a viscous liquid such that Reynolds number is less than 1. Which statement is correct for this situation ?

19648. A gas

19649. Pitot tube measures the __________ of a fluid.

19650. Which of the following is not dimension-less?

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