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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 397

19851. The aggregation of surfactant molecules is known as

19852. Bituminous coal

19853. In the Lindmann mechanism of uni molecular reactions,the observed order at very high pressure is

19854. Ratio of primary air to secondary air increases with increase in the rank of coal, because the

19855. Which of the following is not a fermion?

19856. A coal having high amount of volatile matter

19857. An aqueous solution of NaCl and HCl is exactly neutralized by an aqueous NaOH solution.The number of components in the final mixture is

19858. Carbon Content by weight in air dried wood may be about __________ percent.

19859. The inter planar distance (A0)for a(100)plane in a cubic structure with the lattice parameter of 4A0 is

19860. Which of the following accentuates clinker-ing trouble on furnace grate burning coal ?

19861. The heterocyclic ring present in the amino acid histidine is

19862. Natural draught produced by a chimney depends upon the

19863. The biosynthetic precursor of cholesterol is

19864. Gross & net calorific value is the same for

19865. In the IR spectrum,the absorption band due to carbonyl group in phenyl acetate appears at

19866. Higher percentage of ash in coal meant for the production of metallurgical grade coke

19867. The compound that will behave as an acid in liquid HF is

19868. Combustion of pulverised coal as compared to that of lump coal

19869. Among the oxidesofnitrogen’N_(2)”0_(3)’,’N_(2)”O_(4) and ‘N_(2)”O_(5)’,the compound(s)having N-N bond is/are

19870. 'Wobbe index' is a characteristic of

19871. A triclinic crystal is

19872. A coal with high ash content is undesirable, as

19873. The liquid crystals have

19874. Presence of free moisture in coal during its high temperature carbonisation

19875. X-ray diffraction does not give any structural information for

19876. Gray King Assay and Swelling Index of a coal is a measure of its

19877. Among the following,an example of a green synthesis is

19878. Explosion limit of blast furnace gas is 37 to 71% gas in gas-air mixture. It means that the blast furnace gas will explode when burnt in a confined space, if its concentration in the gas-air mixture is __________ percent.

19879. Monosaccharide is not react with

19880. Prime coking coal is always blended with medium or non- coking coal before ear-bonisation

19881. Select the polar aprotic solvent from the following

19882. Actual flame temperature is always lower than the adiabatic flame temperature, because there is

19883. A book printed before 1501 is known as:

19884. Delhi Library Association is the publisher of:

19885. Fuel gases containing hydrocarbons (ie.g. coke oven gas) are not preheated before burning, mainly because

19886. Documentation Research and Training Centre is located at:

19887. In which year the Kerala Granthasia Sangam was formed?

19888. Which of the following is the most reactive (as regards the formation of CO + H2 from C + H2O) ?

19889. International Institute of Bibliography(IIB)was the initial name of:

19890. Calorific value of coal middling generated in coal washeries during washing of coal may be around __________ Kcal/kg.

19891. Library of Congress was founded in the year:

19892. Flue gas discharge velocity through chimney of a big thermal power plant may be around __________ m/sec.

19893. NASSDOC is developed by:

19894. Which of the following is used for making the explosive 'TNT' ?

19895. NISCAIR is the publisher of:

19896. Adiabatic flame temperature of a fuel is dependent on the initial temperature of

19897. Peter Lazer developed:

19898. Which of the following gaseous fuels has the lowest calorific value ?

19899. SENDOC is located at:

19900. Which of the following is not a by-product recovered in a high temperature coal carbonisation plant ?

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