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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 398

19901. The Chairman of the Library committee appointed by UGC in 1957 was:

19902. Pensky-Marten apparatus is used for those oils, whose flash points are __________ °F.

19903. The Five Laws of Library Science of S.R.Ranganathan was first published in:

19904. In high temperature carbonisation of coal compared to low temperature carbonisation

19905. ’Best reading for the largest number at the least cost’ is the book selection principle suggested by:

19906. When incomplete combustion loss is high, the flue gas analysis shows large amount of

19907. Bottom card and Top card is used in:

19908. The gas which contributes maximum to the heating value of natural gas is

19909. Conscience box is used in libraries for collecting:

19910. The temperature at which plastic layer formation takes place during carbonisation of coal varies from __________ °C.

19911. GOC stands for

19912. Yield of coke oven gas in low temperature carbonisation of coal is about __________ Nm3 /ton of dry coal.

19913. The Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation is located at:

19914. Temperature of preheated air used for the transportation of pulverised coal through pipes to the burner of a boiler furnace is restricted to a maximum limit of about 300° C to avoid the

19915. Universal Availability of Publications is a programme of:

19916. Blast furnace coke is made from coal by

19917. UNESCO Public library manifesto was first published in:

19918. Yield of blast furnace gas is about __________ Nm3 /ton of pig iron.

19919. Which state enacted public library legislation in India first?

19920. Coke oven gas is stripped of its H2S and mercaptans content by

19921. World Library and Information Congress is regularly organized by:

19922. In Lurgi coal gasifier,

19923. A government grant of exclusive priviledge on a new invention for a term of years is called:

19924. Mineral matter content (M) and ash content (A) in coal are approximately related as

19925. In which year Trivandrum Public Library(presently the Kerala State Central Library)was established?

19926. When steam is passed over coal resulting in the endothermic reaction represent by, C + H2O = CO + H2, it is called the __________ of coal.

19927. Job evaluation is the process of:

19928. Dry air requirement for burning 1 Nm3 of CO to CO2 may be around __________ Nm3.

19929. Method of Details is a method used in libraries for:

19930. Degree of carbonisation of coal during coke making can be roughly judged by the __________ of the coke produced.

19931. Morrocco leather is made from:

19932. Ammonia content in raw coke oven gas is about __________ gm/Nm3.

19933. PPBS stands for:

19934. Coal is heated in absence of air for 7 minutes at a temperature of about __________ °C, during its volatile matter determination for proximate analysis.

19935. The acronym POSDCORB is devised by:

19936. Quantity of coke oven gas produced by high temperature carbonisation of one ton of dry coal may be around __________ Nm3 .

19937. The serial number against which the details of the book are recorded in the official register of the library is called:

19938. Coking coals are invariably

19939. Three Card System is used for:

19940. Which of the following accounts for maximum energy loss in a boiler ?

19941. A periodical published in every three months is called:

19942. 'Fuel' can be defined as a substance which produces heat by

19943. ARIST stands for:

19944. Washing of coal

19945. Asian Recorder is a:

19946. High ash coals

19947. CAS stands for:

19948. Which of the following is not a by-product fuel ?

19949. UNISIST is a programme sponsored by IFLA and:

19950. Preheating of combustion air is done to

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