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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 425

21251. Use of natural draft cooling tower is practised, when the air has low

21252. Pressure drop through plate tower as compared to that through packed tower, for the same duty will be

21253. Dimension of mass diffusivity is the same as that of

21254. Dorr thickener is an equipment used for

21255. Steam distillation is used to separate

21256. In distillation where q is defined as the moles of liquid flow in the stripping section per mole of feed introduced, for saturated liquid feed

21257. Which of the following is an undesirable property in a tower packing ?

21258. Water entrained by circulating air in cooling towers is termed as

21259. A 25 cm x 25 cm x 1 cm flat sheet weighing 1.2 kg initially was dried from both sides under constant drying rate conditions. It took 1500 seconds for the weight of the sheet to reduce to 1.05 kg. Another 1m x 1m x 1cm flat sheet of the same material is to be dried from one side only.Under the same constant drying rate conditions, the time required for drying (in seconds) from its initial weight of 19.2 kg to 17.6 kg is

21260. With increase in temperature, the rate of leaching increases, because the

21261. Humidity chart is useful for the solution of problems concerning condensation, vaporisation and air conditioning. At a given dry bulb temperature, value of humidity obtained from the humidity chart directly, is in terms of __________ humidity.

21262. The Kundsen diffusivity is proportional to (where, T = absolute temperature)

21263. In case of constant underflow extraction operation, the __________ at all solute concentration.

21264. In an absorption coloumn, the flooding velocity for random packing is __________ that for stacked/regular packing.

21265. The relation among various mass transfer co-efficients (M.T.C) for ideal gases is given by (where, Kc & Km are M.T.C. for equimolar counter diffusion with concentration & mole fraction respectively as the driving force. and, Kp = M.T.C. for diffusion of a gas through a stagnant inert gas with pressure as driving force.)

21266. With increase in temperature, the leaching rate increases because of the

21267. Leaching of uranium ore and gold ore is done in

21268. Blowdown in a cooling tower

21269. During constant rate period, the rate of drying decreases with the

21270. Antibiotics are best handled in a

21271. The fixed cost of a distillation column at minimum reflux ratio is

21272. __________ extractor uses centrifugal force for separating the two phases.

21273. In a binary distillation column, if the feed contains 40 mole % vapour, the q line will have a slope of

21274. The study of mountains is

21275. Acetic acid will be most economically separated from a dilute solution of acetic acid in water by

21276. Design calculation for multiple component distillation is done by

21277. To get high tray efficiency

21278. The mass transfer co-efficient for a solid sphere of radius 'a' dissolving in a large volume of quiescent liquid, in which D is the diffusivity of solute, is

21279. Pick out the wrong statement. Generally for physical adsorption, a gas of

21280. In most of the mechanically agitated liquid-liquid extractors, baffles or horizontal compartmental plates are provided, which helps in

21281. Solvent extraction is the terminology applied to the liquid-liquid extraction, which is preferred for the separation of the components of liquids, when

21282. Inside the distillation column, the

21283. Diffusivity in concentrated solutions differs from that in dilute solutions, because of the changes in

21284. Occurrence of 'case hardening' during drying of a high moisture solid cake __________ the drying rate.

21285. Which of the following is not a continuous drier ?

21286. Humidification involves mass transfer between a pure liquid phase and a fixed gas, which is

21287. __________ is the temperature at which a gas-vapor mixture becomes saturated, when cooled at constant total pressure out of contact with a liquid.

21288. Rate of leaching increases with increasing

21289. An azeotropic mixture is a __________ mixture.

21290. Who is the leader of Patel Strike in Gujarat?

21291. Molecular seives are regenerated by heating to __________ °C.

21292. In a counter-current extractor, as the axial mixing increases, the extraction efficiency

21293. Heat sensitive materials like certain pharmaceuticals and food stuffs can be dried in a/an __________ dryer.

21294. In extractive distillation, solvent is

21295. Radioactive nuclear waste is treated in

21296. Large scale drying of sugar is done in a __________ dryer.

21297. __________ temperature is the steady state temperature attained by a small amount of liquid evaporating into a large quantity of unsaturated gas-vapor mixture.

21298. The drying time between fixed moisture contents within the 'constant rate period' is proportional to (assuming that drying occurs from all surfaces of the solid) (where, T = thickness of the solid )

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