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21201. Leaching of sugar from sugar beets is done by

21202. Absorption factor method is used to calculate the number of ideal stages, when

21203. Flights in a rotary dryer are provided to

21204. Old name of Film Fare Award was............?

21205. If the solubilities of different components (in a liquid-liquid extraction system) increase with rise in temperature, then the temperature above which they dissolve completely is known as the critical solution temperature (CST or consolute temperature). If solubilities increase with decrease in temperature, then CST is the temperature below which they dissolve completely. If a binary system has no critical solution temperature, it implies that

21206. The rate of mass transfer is not dependent upon the

21207. At equilibrium the concentration of water in vapour phase (C)in kg/m3 of air space and the amount of water (m) adsorbed per kg of dry silica gel are related by, C = 0.0667m. To maintain dry conditions in a room of air space 100m3 containing 2.2 kg of water vapour initially, 10 kg of dry silica gel is kept in the room. The fraction of initial water remaining in the air space after a long time (during which the temperature is maintained constant) is

21208. Dry bulb temperature of unsaturated air is more than its __________ temperature.

21209. For the case of flow of air past a wet bulb thermometer (air water vapour system), the approximate value of h2/ky.Cz is around

21210. The reciprocal of stripping factor is termed as

21211. Ponchan-Savarit method analyses the fractional equipment based on

21212. The binary diffusivity in gases at atmospheric conditions is about

21213. Percentage saturation is __________ the relative saturation.

21214. In case of a desorber (stripper), the

21215. What is the reflux ratio at total reflux ?

21216. Under conditions of flooding in packed tower, the gas pressure drop

21217. For achieving rapid drying rate in a spray dryer, the diameter of the particles in the feed should be in the range of __________ microns (1 mm = 1000 microns).

21218. For absorbing a sparingly soluble gas in a liquid

21219. Channelling in a packed tower results from the

21220. The change in enthalpy per unit weight of adsorbed gas when adsorbed on gas free or "outgassed" adsorbent to from a definite concentration of adsorbate is called its

21221. The minimum number of theoretical plates is required for achieving a given separation in distillation column with

21222. A good solvent used for absorption should not have very high

21223. In a counter-current liquid extractor

21224. Which of the following is an undesirable property for an absorbing solvent ?

21225. The wetted wall tower is used to determine

21226. Weight of 1 m3 of humid air as compared to 1 m3 of dry air, under the same conditions, is

21227. Positive deviation from Raoult's law means a mixture whose total pressure is

21228. With increase in gas rate, the number of transfer units, NtoG, for a fixed degree of absorption by a fixed amount of solvent

21229. Schmidt number is given by

21230. The caking of crystals can be prevented by

21231. Prandtl number for water at 20°C is about

21232. Boiling point diagram is

21233. When acetone is added in a two layer mixture of methyl isobutyl ketone and water at 30°C, the acetone distributes between the two layers and the composition of the layer follows two solubility curves. For this system,

21234. Steam distillation is used to

21235. Freundlich equation applies to the adsorption of solute from

21236. For ethanol-water system, the lowering of distillate quality from 95% to 92% will cause __________ plate requirement.

21237. The apex of an equilateral-triangular coordinate (in ternary liquid system) represents a/an

21238. The National Literacy Mission was launched by the Prime Minister in the year?

21239. A slurry is to be dried to produce flaky solid. Which dryer would you recommend ?

21240. Which of the following psychrometric processes is followed by water vapour laden unsaturated air, when it is passed through solid or liquid adsorbent ?

21241. In gas-liquid contact operation, the number of ideal stages, . This is true when the stripping factor 'S' is

21242. The cooling effect in a cooling tower can not be increased by

21243. The value of NA/(NA + NB) for steady state molecular diffusion of gas 'A' through non-diffusing gas 'B' is

21244. The humid volume may be increased by increasing the

21245. ’Biosphere’ was firstly used by

21246. When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation.

21247. Large scale drying of wheat is done in a __________ dryer.

21248. Azeotropic distillation is employed to separate

21249. The drying time between fixed moisture content within diffusion controlled 'falling rate period' is proportional to (assuming that drying occurs from all surfaces of the solid) (where, T = thickness of the solid )

21250. At the boiling point of the liquid at the prevailing pressure, the saturated absolute humidity becomes

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