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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 462

23101. Crude oil is subjected to vacuum distillation in the last stage, because

23102. Operating temperature and pressure in catalytic reforming is about

23103. With increase in density, the viscosity of petroleum products

23104. Detergent is added as an additive in engine lubricating oil to

23105. Removal of light fractions from crude oil is called its

23106. The most efficient form of damping employed in electrical instrument is

23107. 95% (by volume) of LPG at 760 mm Hg pressure will evaporate at __________ °C.

23108. A petroleum well is called 'dry', if it contains

23109. Aniline point is the

23110. Pressure maintained in the high pressure primary tower of a three stage crude oil distillation system is about __________ kg/cm2 .

23111. Petroleum

23112. The best method of determining sulphur in crude oil is by the __________ method.

23113. Catalyst used in alkylation process is

23114. __________ base crude oil is also called asphaltic crude.

23115. Platforming is a __________ process.

23116. Aromatics have the highes __________ of all the hydrocarbons of same carbon atoms.

23117. Aniline point is the temperature at which

23118. The reactance offered by a capacitor to alternating current of frequency of 50Hz is 10 Ohm if frequency is increased to 100 Hz the reactance becomes---------Ohm.

23119. Sweetening of petroleum product means the removal of

23120. Reforming

23121. Which of the following has maximum hydrogen/carbon ratio (by weight) ?

23122. Pyrolysis of kerosene or natural gasoline is done to produce mainly the

23123. Which of the following fractions of petroleum contains maximum sulphur ?

23124. Reforming converts

23125. Percentage of straight run gasoline in a typical crude oil may be around

23126. Road grade bitumen is produced from vacuum residue by its

23127. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in domestic use cylinders is in the liquid form. The density of LPG in liquid form is about __________ of that of water (i.e. 1 gm/c.c).

23128. Ethyl mercaptan is added to the Doctor negative LPG for facilitating the detection of its leakage (by bad odour) to the extent of about __________ ppm.

23129. CnH2n is the general formula for

23130. Natural gas recovered along with crude oil from oil wells is called wet natural gas which has a higher __________ compared to the dry natural gas.

23131. Power factor of high speed motor compared to a low speed motor will be

23132. H/C ratio (by weight) for the same number of carbon atoms is the highest in case of

23133. Which of the following theories of origin of petroleum does not explain the presence of nitrogen & sulphur compounds in crude oil?

23134. Higher vapour pressure of gasoline indicates

23135. Iso-octane is used as a reference substance in the definition of octane number and it is assigned an octane number value of 100. Iso-octance is chemically known as

23136. Pour point of a petrofuel is

23137. In catalytic cracking, the

23138. LPG stands for

23139. "Breathing loss" on storage of gasoline occurs due to the

23140. Which is an anticing compound ?

23141. The terminology used for the bottom most product from the vacuum crude distillation unit is

23142. Which of the following is the easiest to crack?

23143. Flash point of a liquid petroleum fuel gives an idea about its

23144. Clay treatment of petroleum products

23145. Presence of predominantly large quantity of aromatics (polynuclear) is not desirable in aviation fuel, because it has

23146. Catalyst used in isomerisation process is

23147. __________ treatment is done for appreciable improvement in viscosity index of lubricating oil.

23148. A multigrade lubricating oil means an oil having high

23149. Most widely used solvent for dewaxing is

23150. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is mainly a mixture of

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