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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 463

23151. Water content in the crude oil as it comes out of oil well may be upto __________ percent.

23152. Waxy crudes are treated with chemical additives mainly to

23153. __________ chloride present in crude petroleum as impurity is the most prolific producer of HCl during distillation.

23154. Molecular weight of petrol may be about

23155. Which of the following factors does not govern the mechanism of petroleum formation from organic sources ?

23156. Vacuum maintained in the vacuum distillation tower of the crude distillation plant is about __________ mm Hg (absolute).

23157. Octane number of n-heptane is assumed to be

23158. Vacuum maintained in the vacuum distillation column in oil refinery is in the range of about __________ mm Hg absolute.

23159. Which of the following petroleum products contain minimum sulphur ?

23160. Concentration of H2SO4 catalyst in alkyla-tion is kept between 90-98%, because H2SO4 having concentration

23161. High aniline point of a petrofuel (say diesel) indicates that

23162. Which of the following reactions is undesirable in the production of catalytically reformed gasoline ?

23163. Good quality kerosene should have

23164. The most suitable solvent for deasphalting vacuum residue is

23165. Paraffins are desirable in lubricating oil, as it has got high

23166. Cetane number of a diesel fuel is the measure of its

23167. Maximum viscosity of tar/PCM/fuel oil for easy and efficient atomisation in conventional burner is __________ centistokes (or 100 Redwood I seconds).

23168. Thermofer catalytic cracking process is a __________ process.

23169. 1 centistoke is equal to __________ Redwood I seconds.

23170. Higher boiling fractions like atmospheric residue is distilled under vacuum at low temperature because at high temperature, there is a tendency of the predominance of

23171. Which is the most ideal feed stock for 'coking' process used for the manufacture of petroleum coke ?

23172. Which of the following gasolines (unleaded) has the least octane number ?

23173. Feed for reforming is generally

23174. A fuel oil consists of 4 fractions A, B, C and D. Their molar compositions and vapour pressures are given below : The vapour pressure of the fuel oil will be __________ mm Hg.

23175. Which of the following is the most important property for a jet fuel ?

23176. Which parameter is used for the grading of paraffin waxes ?

23177. Which of the following has the minimum °API gravity of all?

23178. Higher pressure in the reforming reactor

23179. Gasoline yield in catalytic reforming of naphtha may be about __________ percent by weight.

23180. The main reaction in reforming is the

23181. Carbon percentage (by weight) in crude petroleum may be about

23182. Lane and Garton classification of petroleum is based on its

23183. With increase in the molecular weight of aromatic present in kerosene, its smoking tendency

23184. Salt content (measured as sodium chloride) in electrically desalted crude oil comes down to a level of about __________ ptb (pounds per thousand barrel).

23185. Clay treatment is used to remove

23186. Water separometer index (modified) (WSIM) of a petrofuel is the measure of its

23187. Tetraethyl lead is added to the petrol to increase its octane number, because its octane number is

23188. Pressure & temperature maintained in catalytic cracking is about

23189. The normal size of circular sheet steel discs of an armature core of Generator is

23190. Char value of Kerosene is the amount of charred oil deposition on the wick obtained after burning it in a standard wick lamp at a standard rate for 24 hours. Char value of a good quality kerosene should be less than __________ mg/kg of kerosene.

23191. Highest quality bitumen is produced from the __________ crude oil.

23192. Octane number (unleaded) of reformed gasoline may be upto

23193. Aniline point is a property of the

23194. Waxes present in petroleum products

23195. Which of the following has the lowest cetane number ?

23196. Ethyl mercaptan is a/an __________ compound.

23197. Which of the following is a non-regenerative fixed bed catalytic reforming process ?

23198. Aniline point of high speed diesel may be about __________ °C.

23199. Which of the following does not require preheating during storage in the storage tank as well as during atomisation through burners ?

23200. A typical yield of kerosene in straight run distillation of crude oil may be about __________ percent.

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