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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 464

23201. The vacuum maintained in vacuum distillation unit for reduced crude is about __________ mmHg.

23202. Which of the following is not a sulphur compound present in petroleum ?

23203. Products drawn from the top to bottom of the crude oil distillation column has progressively increasing

23204. Asphalts are

23205. Smoke point of kerosene is the

23206. The conductivity of crude oil-water mixture depends on the

23207. Which of the following is not an important property of fuel oil/furnace oil ?

23208. Which of the followingis desirable in petrol (gasoline) but undesirable in kerosene ?

23209. Extractor temperature is maintained at -20°C in Edeleanu process to reduce the __________ of kerosene.

23210. Cracking is

23211. The most important property for a jet fuel is its

23212. Aniline point of the diesel is a measure of its __________ content.

23213. Presence of sulphur in gasoline

23214. Which of the following additives improves the cetane number of diesel ?

23215. In catalytic cracking process, olefins crack __________ times faster than in thermal cracking process.

23216. Which of the following rule is used for find the direction of induced e.m.f.?

23217. In catalytic alkylation, higher iso-butane to olefin ratio gives

23218. In case of liquid petrofuels, momentary combustion is observed at its

23219. Polymerisation

23220. Both asphalt and wax are produced by __________ base crude oils.

23221. Which one is preferred for aircraft engine ?

23222. Alkylation

23223. Which of the following has the maximum °API gravity of all?

23224. Petroleum coke is used mainly .in the

23225. The lifting power of a magnet is

23226. Research octane number refers to the

23227. In sweetening process, solutizer agent used with caustic alkali is

23228. Sulphuric acid treatment of petroleum products removes the __________ materials.

23229. Hydrogen content in petroleum products varies from 12 to 15% (by weight). As a result the difference between gross and net heating value of petroleum fuels varies in the range of __________ kcal/kg.

23230. Which of the following processes consumes hydrogen ?

23231. Petroleum deposits are detected by the.

23232. Which of the following has the highest viscosity of all (at a given temperature) ?

23233. Older crude petroleum

23234. Which one of the following processes aims at producing higher yield of gaseous unsaturated hydrocarbons and aromatics like benzene & toluene ?

23235. Diesel index is defined as

23236. The condesate obtained on compression of wet natural gas is termed as

23237. Who discovered the neutron?

23238. Crude petroleum oil is a __________ fuel.

23239. Molecular weight of crude oil is in the range of

23240. Catalyst used in the isomerisation is

23241. Octane numbers of motor gasoline used in India and America are respectively

23242. Crude oils containing more than __________ kg of total salts (expressed in terms of NaCl) per thousand barrel is called a 'salty crude'.

23243. Reid vapour pressure of gasoline is the measure of its

23244. Pick out the correct statement about catalytic polymerisation.

23245. High aniline point of diesel indicates that, it

23246. Boiling range of motor gasoline is an indication of the

23247. Performance number of a liquid fuel is related to its

23248. Naphtha yield in straight run distillation of crude oil may be about __________ percent.

23249. Mercapsol and Unisol processes are meant for the

23250. Solvent used in the Udex (glycol) extraction process for removal of light aromatics from cracked naphtha is

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