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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 465

23251. Which of the following is the most suitable feed for platforming process (reforming) ?

23252. Solvent used in Edeleanu process is

23253. Naphthenic acid is represented by

23254. Name the endothermic reaction out of the following:

23255. Natural gasoline is produced

23256. The voltae of a simple voltaic cell is

23257. Raw Kerosene has a smoke point of 15 mm. After it is subjected to dearomatisation by liquid SO2 extraction (Edeleanu process), its smoke point may become __________ mm.

23258. Petroleum coke is commercially produced by the __________ process.

23259. Crude oil produced by Indian oil fields are predominantly __________ in nature.

23260. In solutizer sweetening process, solutizer solution used is

23261. Which of the following contains maximum sulphur ?

23262. Hydrogen percentage (by weight) in crude petroleum may be about

23263. Which of the following is an additive used for improving the cetane number of diesel ?

23264. Tetra-ethyl lead is added in gasoline to

23265. The speed of electricity is

23266. Crude topping column operates at __________ pressure.

23267. Octane number (unleaded) of gasoline produced by isomerisation of butane may be about

23268. In a refinery petroleum crude is fractionated into gas fraction, light ends, intermediate distillates, heavy distillates, residues and by products. The group of products including gas oil, diesel oil and heavy fuel oil belongs to the fraction

23269. Feedstock for polymerisation is

23270. Pick out the correct statement pertaining to catalytic cracking.

23271. Which of the following is a naphthene ?

23272. With increase in the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms in hydrocarbon molecules, the density of petroleum products

23273. Smoke point of a good burning kerosene may be around __________ mm.

23274. Increase in the specific gravity of petroleum products indicates

23275. Which of the following processes is used for the production of petroleum coke ?

23276. Quinoline is a/an __________ compound.

23277. Flash point of diesel/kerosene (>50°C) is determined by the

23278. Visbreaking

23279. Cetane number of alpha methyl naphthalene is assumed to be

23280. Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), a high octane (octane no. = 115) gasoline blending component is produced by the simple additive reaction of isobutylene with

23281. LPG when brought to atmospheric pressure & temperature will be a

23282. The main purpose of recycling the byproduct hydrogen gas in the reformer reactor is to

23283. The order of preference for feedstock to a catalytic reformer is

23284. True vapour pressure of a petroleum fraction __________ Reid vapour pressure.

23285. Hydrocracking employs

23286. Sour crude means the __________ bearing crude.

23287. The main aim of cracking is to produce

23288. The general formula of naphthenes is

23289. 'Solvent naphtha' used mostly as a solvent in paints and perfumery is produced by the __________ of virgin naphtha into small boiling range cuts.

23290. Which of the following has the highest flash point of all ?

23291. The characterisation factor of crude petroleum oil is around

23292. The amount of tetraethyl lead added to improve the octane number of motor gasoline is around __________ c.c per gallon of petrol.

23293. Which of the following is the most widely used cracking process in oil refineries ?

23294. Catalyst used in the catalytic polymerisation is

23295. Petroleum liquid fuels having flash point greater than 66°C is considered as safe during storage and handling. Which of the following has flash point > 66°C ?

23296. The solvent used in Barisol dewaxing process is

23297. Diesel used in naval applications has a minimum cetane number of

23298. Which of the following tests is not done for transformer oil ?

23299. Which is the most undesirable component in kerosene ?

23300. Pick out the wrong statement about the smoking tendency of various hydrocarbon constituents of kerosene.

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