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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 478

23901. The thermal emf-temperature relationship of most thermocouples is

23902. Which is the strongest paramagnetic gas?

23903. In Bode plot, A.R. vs. w is plotted on a/an __________ graph paper.

23904. A first order system with unity gain and time constant τ is subjected to a sinusoidal input of frequency w = 1/τ. The amplitude ratio for this system is

23905. A control system has the following transfer function The initial value of the corresponding time function is

23906. For measuring the temperature of a red hot furnace, which is the most suitable instrument ?

23907. Continuous measurement of specific gravity of a liquid is done by

23908. Stroboscope is used for the measurement of

23909. The root locus plot of the roots of the characteristics equation of a closed loop system having the open loop transfer function will have a definite num-ber of loci for variation of K from 0 to ∞. The number of loci is

23910. In second order underdamped system,

23911. Dome temperature of blast furnace stove is most accurately measured by a

23912. Phase lag of the sinusoidal response of a first order system is

23913. Continuous measurement of moisture content of paper in paper industry is done by measuring the

23914. Thermal well made of __________ gives the fastest speed of response, while measuring temperature by thermocouples.

23915. Famous Chandbibi of Ahmednagar fought to protect her kingdom against?

23916. The poem’Jatikkummi’is written by

23917. Working principle of mercury in glass thermometer is

23918. The frequency at which maximum amplitude ratio is attained is called the __________ frequency.

23919. Which of the following can measure temperatures in the range of - 20 to 300°C ?

23920. If response of a control system is to be free of offset and oscillation, the most suitable controller is

23921. Conversion formula for converting amplitude ratio (AR) into decibels is

23922. A manometer measures the __________ pressure.

23923. Normal mercury thermometer can be used to measure a temperature of about 300°C. However, its maximum temperature measurement range can be increased upto about 500°C by

23924. Minute depression of freezing point of a liquid solvent on addition of a solid solute can be best measured by a

23925. For the time domain function f(t) = t, the Laplace transform of is given by

23926. Temperature of __________ can not be measured by an optical or radiation pyrometer.

23927. Gain margin is equal to the

23928. A system with transfer function is of __________ order.

23929. In Bode plot, Φ vs ω is plotted on a/an __________ graph paper.

23930. Temperature of molten pig iron (1450°C) and molten slag (1500°C) flowing out of a blast furnace is measured by a/an

23931. For two non-interacting first order systems connected in series, the overall transfer function is the __________ of the individual transfer functions.

23932. Ordinary mercury in glass thermometer is used for measuring temperature upto 120°C. However, for measuring higher temperature upto __________ °C, thermometer is made by filling nitrogen under pressure above the mercury, which stops the evaporation of mercury and reduces the chance of broken thread of mercury.

23933. Mercury thermometer is commonly used for low temperature measruement. The freezing point and boiling point of mercury are respectively __________ °C.

23934. Which of the following thermocouples has the least temperature measurement range?

23935. Composition of natural gas is determined by the

23936. Which of the following is an undesirable dynamic characteristic of an instrument ?

23937. Which of the following is not the triple point of water ?

23938. Pick out the one which is a first order instrument.

23939. Load cells are used for the measurement of

23940. Which of the following is the dynamic characteristics of an instrument ?

23941. for fully open globe value may be around

23942. Lug support is

23943. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the use of valve tray, seive tray and bubble cap trays in continuous distillation column.

23944. With increase in the number of shell passes, the value of FT

23945. Holes of a sieve tray are arranged in triangular pitch of __________ times the hole diameter.

23946. In case of a shell and tube heat exchanger, the minimum shell thickness for carbon steel (inclusive of corrosion allowance) depends on shell diameter and is in the range of __________ mm.

23947. The stress developed in a material without any permanent set is called the

23948. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the 'tube pitch' is defined as the

23949. Which of the following is not a valid assumption in continuous binary distillation for calculating the number of equilibrium stages by Mc-Cabe-Thiele's method ?

23950. Overall distillation column efficiency for most of the refinery columns can be given by (for μ = 0.07 - 1.4 cp and relative volatility < 4) (where η = overall column efficiency, % μ = molal average viscosity of feed at average column temperature and pressure, cp Δp = pressure drop per tray, psi)

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