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23851. Water is flowing through a series of four tanks and getting heated as shown in figure. It is desired to design a cascade control scheme for controlling the temperature of water leaving the tank 4 as there is a disturbance in the temperature of a second stream entering the tank 2. Select the best place to take the secondary measurement for the second loop.

23852. The term analogous to voltage in a single tank system is the

23853. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, the outlet temperature of heating/cooling fluid is the __________ variable.

23854. Mcleoid gauge is used to measure the

23855. What is the Laplace transform of impulse input having magnitude 'X' ?

23856. Thermocouple is suitable for measuring

23857. Bimetal strips are not used in

23858. When the damping co-efficient (ξ) is unity, the system is

23859. Nickel percentage in invar which is an iron-nickel alloy, and is used as a thermocouple material is

23860. Which is the symbol for "pneumatic control valve" ?

23861. Silver point temperature is __________ °C.

23862. A non-linear system will have __________ steady state values.

23863. Which of the following is not a variable area flow meter ?

23864. With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity of the platinum used in the resistance thermometer

23865. Sub-zero temperature (< 0°C) can be measured by a constant volume gas thermometer employing

23866. __________ is an example of distributed parameter system

23867. Which of the following is not classified as a thermo electric pyrometer ?

23868. Maximum differential pressure in liquid manometer is __________ psi.

23869. Phase margin is equal to

23870. The Indian Financial year begins on?

23871. Flow rate measurement of hostile acids and alkalis can be most suitably done by a/an

23872. Compositional analysis of flue gas coming out of a furnace in respect of O2 and CO2% can be continuously done by a/an

23873. Thermisters which have a very high temperature co-efficient of resistivity belong to the class of solid called

23874. The pressure sensing element of elastic type pressure gauge is never made in the form of a

23875. Liquid flow rate in an open channel can not be measured by a/an

23876. The unit of 'time constant' of a system is the same as that of

23877. Which of the following filled system expansion thermometers has the lowest positive temperature measurement capability ?

23878. Liquid column manometers are used for measuring the pressure __________ kgf/cm2 .

23879. Cascade control means

23880. The level of a liquid under pressure can be determined using

23881. Temperature measurement range of iron-constantan thermocouple is 0 to 870°C. It can be used to measure sub zero temperature, because at lower temperature

23882. Which of the following is never used as an element of industrial resistance thermometer ?

23883. Which of the following shows maximum dip effect (indicating reverse direction of temperature change) ?

23884. A stable system is the one

23885. The Laplace transform of exp(at), where a > 0, is defined only for the Laplace parameter, s > a since

23886. Meleoid gauge measures the __________ pressure.

23887. Which of the following thermocouples is capable of measuring a temperature of -50°C?

23888. Find the ultimate gain and frequency for a proportional controller in the case of a process having the transfer function Gp(s) = 1/(4s + 1)(2s + 1)(s + 1).

23889. Platinum resistance thermometer can be used upto antimony point which is __________ °C, and is the temperature of equilibrium between solid antimony & liquid antimony at normal atmospheric pressure.

23890. Change of angle of refraction with composition comprises the working principle of a

23891. Which of the following instruments is not used for measuring sub-zero (<0°) temperatures ?

23892. Which of the following is not suitable for measuring the temperature of a red hot object in the range of 800 - 1600°C ?

23893. First Spices Park in Kerala?

23894. Flame photometry is used for the determination of compositional analysis of

23895. Reference points i.e., ice point and steam point in Reaumer temperature scale are respectively

23896. Which of the following is not a composition measuring instrument ?

23897. Emf developed by a thermocouple while measuring a temperature of 800°C is about 31 mV. The type of thermocouple used is

23898. Which of the following thermocouples is incapable of measuring sub-zero (i.e., < 0°C) temperature ?

23899. Platinum resistance thermometer is the international standard for temperature measurement between

23900. 0n-off control which is a special case of proportional control, has a band width of about __________ percent.

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