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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 530

26501. A dock:

26502. According to the recommendations of International Navigational Congress in 1912, the ratio of length to width at the entrance for cargo vessels is

26503. ’CAD’stands for:

26504. Buoys which support the cables to which vessels are attached are of

26505. The beach is built:

26506. Flow of air from one place to the other is caused due to

26507. The headquarters of Intel Corporation is at:

26508. The first Intel process introduced was:

26509. The shortest access time memory is:

26510. The PROCESSOR is located in the:

26511. ’KAspersky’is a:

26512. Which one of the following frequency regions is a part of sun's radiation?

26513. The instruments which provide electromagnetic radiation of specified wave length or a band of wave lengths to illuminate the earth surface, are called :

26514. Due to pertubation of the orbit, satellite orbit parameters are frequently updated on measurements carried out by its

26515. Coherence of two electromagnetic waves takes place if their phase difference is :

26516. The part radiation due to scattered/diffused radiation entering the field of view of a remote sensor other than that from the required target,

26517. Which one of the following residual biases involves the GPS accuracy ?

26518. Pick up the correct definition from the following with response to GIS.

26519. Which one of the following errors is produced by platform characteristics of the sensor ?

26520. The coherence length over which there is a strong relationship between amplitudes is;

26521. In the given figure the phase of

26522. If 0 is the angle of scan measured from the nadir, the ground distance swept by the sensor IFOV is proportional to :

26523. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the GPS satellites ?

26524. The default alignment for paragraph in MS-word is:

26525. Rayleigh's criteria for a rough surface is: (where letters carry their usual meanings).

26526. The place where windows keeps copies of deleted files:

26527. The basic requirement of any sensor system, is :

26528. Which one of the following helps to identify the objects on the earth surface ?

26529. The spectral region of the electromagnetic radiation which passes through the atmosphere without much attenuation is known as:

26530. When you point to the --------------corner of a table in WORD,the table move handle appears.

26531. The remote sensing techniques applied for the earth's surface features, is generally confined to the following wave lengths :

26532. The value of energy quantum for radiation of any frequency is proportional to :

26533. The phase difference of the waves 1 and 2 at A in the given figure is :

26534. A perfectly black body :

26535. Internet came to force in India during the year:

26536. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in MS Word?

26537. A and B are two towers of equal height diametrically opposite on either side of the nadir point, at 3 km and 5 km distances. Which one of the following statements is correct?

26538. Remote sensing techniques makes use of the properties of-----emitted, reflected or diffracted by the sensed objects:

26539. Which one of the following parameters is accurate for DGPS.

26540. The most widely used antenna in GPS is

26541. Which one of the following statements regarding remote sensing is correct.

26542. "An Electromagnetic wave falls on to a boundary between two loss less homogeneous media with different refractive indices, a part of the wave is reflected back to the incident medium and the rest is transmitted on to the second media". This phenomenon is known as :

26543. Which one of the following relationship between the wave length (λ), and frequency and the speed (C) of the electromagnetic wave is correct ?

26544. The various stages occuring in GPS system are described below : 1. Generation of an output to the user 2. Detection of the GPS signal 3. Processing the data in the built-in-computer 4. Decoding the GPS signal. The correct sequence of the stages is :

26545. The reflection of solar energy is characterised by the water content in the leaf, in the reflective optical infrared:

26546. Which one the following is a correct statement?

26547. The entire range of the electromagnetic spectrum spans a large spectrum of wave lengths varying from:

26548. How can you insert a sound file in your word document?

26549. Which one of the following parameters is considered to determine the reflectance of a vegetation canopy

26550. A reduction of nitrogen nutrient in plants :

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