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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 531

26551. We can set gutter position in the side of a page in a document in Word at:

26552. Leaf reflactance depends primarily on :

26553. Pick up the correct statement from the following

26554. Ribbon toolbar is used in Microsoft Word:

26555. Which bar will show the current position of cursor?

26556. The capital letter D denotes which of the following number:

26557. The interaction of the electromagnetic radiation produced with a specific wave length to illuminate a target on the terrain for studying its scattered radiance, is called:

26558. The normal altitude of GPS satellite is about

26559. Repetitive observations of the same area at equal interval of time, are useful to monitor the dynamic phenomena :

26560. Orbital radius of GPS satellites is approximately:

26561. Which one of the following statement is incorrect regarding the electromagnetic radiation?

26562. Consider the following statements regarding the satellite imaging : 1. The satellite orbit is fixed in the inertial space 2. During successive across-track imaging, the earth rotates beneath the sensor 3. The satellite images a skewed area Which one of the following statements is/are correct ?

26563. Which is the position to type the words like REGISTERED,URGENT eton the face of a cover?

26564. The working principle of a hydrogen bomb is?

26565. In GPS, receivers are used are ;

26566. Formation of snow occurs if the cloud temperature is

26567. In case of reflection and refraction of electromagnetic radiation,

26568. For interpolation of satellite data used for monitoring dynamic changes that occure on the earth surface, the most suitable orbit for the satellite is :

26569. The altitudinal distance of a geostationary satelite from the earth is about:

26570. Geodimeter is based on :

26571. A passive sensor uses :

26572. The infrared portion of EMR lies between

26573. Who coined the term, 'Remote sensing'.

26574. For C band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with Doppler band width of 1300 Hz, the coherence length lcoh is:

26575. What is the reason for impressing one letter on the paper while we typing?

26576. The optical property of a water body depends on:

26577. Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE) was funded and taken up in 1983 by:

26578. Electromagnetic spectrum contains :

26579. The ratio of the total solar radiant energy returned by a planetary body to the total radiant energy incident on the body, the called:

26580. Spatial variation in horizontal and vertical directions, is caused due to :

26581. The code based GPS receivers are generally used for:

26582. Critical angle of electromagnetic radiation takes place if

26583. The GPS space segment consists of Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging whose number is :

26584. ദേശീയ പുനരർപ്പണ ദിനം ഏതു നേതാവിന്റെ ചരമദിനവുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു? [Desheeya punararppana dinam ethu nethaavinte charamadinavumaayi bandhappettirikkunnu?]

26585. Which one of the following geometric errors of satellite sensors is random ?

26586. Location of universal bar in Halda typewriter:

26587. The American war of Independence took place in the year?

26588. Earth observations from a satellite platform provides :

26589. Due to scan geometery of a satellite sensor:

26590. 'A time varrying electric field produces a magnetic field.' This phenemenon is called:

26591. Which one of the following quantities forms the basis of radiometery?

26592. The maximum sun's radiation occurs around:

26593. Which of the following parts does not need oil as lubricant?

26594. How many rubber feet are present a typewriter?

26595. Which one of the following attributes is not associated with digital maps

26596. The object of photo-intepretation is:

26597. Alternate name for “tabulator stop”is:

26598. Which one of the following statement is correct ?

26599. DGPS is based on the concept that bais errors in the position of locations in a given local area, are same if their distances are within

26600. The reflectance from a surface is called specular reflection if it follows: .

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