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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 532

26601. The changes in the reflectivity/emis-sivity with time, is called :

26602. According to the Snell's law if an electromagnetic wave is incident in a medium (refractive index n1) on an other medium (refractive index m2);

26603. Where is the task bar situated in MS WORD?

26604. Which one of the following factors does not affect the scale of the air photographs :

26605. While propagating through homogeneous, isotropic media,

26606. Identification of crops is affected by:

26607. In sun light, water rich in phytoplanktons appears :

26608. The semi-infinite snow albedo is proportional to the square root of the grain radius :

26609. Depending upon the nature of the targeted object and the wave length of the electromagnetic radiation incident on it, the radiation gets :

26610. Which one of the following statements is correct ?

26611. "All bodies at temperatures above absolute zero degree emit electromagnetic radiation at different wave length", is known as:

26612. Assuming n as the frequency of radiation, n0 as the threshold frequency and k as a constant, the energy of the photo-electrons (E) is related as

26613. In which part of the reflective optical infrared region, the effect of multiple leaves in vegetation canopy is maximum ?

26614. ഇന്ത്യൻ അണുബോംബിന്റെ പിതാവ് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നതാര്? [Inthyan anubombinte pithaavu ennariyappedunnathaar?]

26615. The energy transported by the electromagnetic wave is proportional to :

26616. Which one of the following is incorrect statement? While passing through the atmosphere, the solar radiation,

26617. The leaf area index (LAI) is :

26618. In sun-light water poor in phyto plank tons appears :

26619. A remote sensor photographic camera :

26620. Pick up the correct statement from to following:

26621. Which one of the following statements is not correct?

26622. With the increase of turbidity, the muddy water appears brown due to the shift of the upward radiance peak towards :

26623. Remote sensing techniques are being usefully employed for the purpose of:

26624. Which one of the following can travel through empty space :

26625. The main functional blocks of a mul-tispectral scanner (MSS) are given below : 1. Video processor 2. Dispersive system 3. Detector 4. Signal conditioner 5. Collecting optics Which one of the following sequences is correct?

26626. File>New is used to open:

26627. The worksheet of excel 2000 contains-------------columns

26628. The information system is the chain of the following operations, 1. Collection of data 2. Planning the observations 3. Analysis of data 4. Decision making process Which one of the chains is correct ?

26629. Polarising angle (i) and refractive index (μ) of the reflecting surface are related by:

26630. Pick up the incorrect statement regarding the optical infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum from the following :

26631. Phytoplanktons :

26632. The maximum absorption of solar radiation due to ozone occurs at wave lengths:

26633. Which one of the following statements is correct to remote sensing?

26634. Which one of the following frequencies is a GPS ?

26635. Snow cover on the earth surface :

26636. The emission of electrons from a metal plate exposed to light depends on the :

26637. The range measurements in GPS are made with :

26638. 'A time varying magnetic field produces an electric field'. This phenomenon is known as

26639. For obtaining accurate distance of the satellite

26640. GPS has been widely recognized as accurate, fast and cost-effective method for the following:

26641. Electromagnetic waves are characterised by :

26642. The solid angle subtended by the sphere is :

26643. For accurate position fix, the three satellites:

26644. Master key in typewriter is:

26645. The keyboard shortcut to move one cell to the right is:

26646. The various stages of formation of snow are listed below : 1. Formation of ice crystals 2. Formation of snow pallets 3. Formation of snow flakes 4. Formationof snow crystals 5. Formation of rimed crystals Which one of the following sequences is correct ?

26647. Snow consists of

26648. For perfect coherent radiation, which one of the following statement is correct?

26649. Fresh and pure snow reflectance

26650. Snow albedo is affected by :

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