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30251. Consider the following statements relating to hydraulic gradient line and energy gradient line 1. In the case of a fluid flowing in a pipeline, hydraulic gradient line and energy gradient line may coincide. 2. The line joining the points representing piezometric heads is known as hydraulic gradient line. 3. In the case of ideal fluid, energy gradient line is always horizontal. 4. Hydraulic gradient line has a downward slope in the case of flow through pipes. Of these statements :

30252. An open cylindrical vessel with axis vertical and filled with a liquid is falling freely with an acceleration What will be the absolute pressure at the base of the vessel ?

30253. Dechlorination of water is achieved by adding

30254. On which of the following is the working principle of concrete hammer for non-destructive test based ?

30255. Given for a soil sample : Degree of saturation = 90% Specific gravity of soil grains = 2.70 Void ratio = 0.30 The water content of the sample is

30256. The pattern of Centre - State relations in India can be traced back to?

30257. Consider the following factors : 1. Air traffic control measures 2. Aircraft traffic composition 3. VFR/IFR operation 4. Runway configuration Which of these factors affect the capacity of a runway ?

30258. A city supply of 15000 cubic metres of water per day is treated with a chlorine dosage of 0.5 ppm. For this purpose, the requirement of 25% bleaching powder per day would be

30259. The ratio between the stress produced in a bar by a sudden application of load (impact loading) as compared to the stress produced by the gradual application of same load is

30260. The shear stress distribution over a rectangular cross-section of a beam follows

30261. Which among the following brings about the Hazardous Waste Management and Handling Rules in India?

30262. Consider the following statements : A : Single scaffolding consists of a single framework of standards, ledgers and potlogs constructed parallel to the wall. R : Potlogs are placed at both ends on frames when it is difficult to provide holes in the wall. Of these statments :

30263. Sardar Sarover Project is to be constructed on the river?

30264. The issue rate of an item stocked in stores is

30265. For the truss shown in the figure, which one of the following members has zero force induced in it ?

30266. A VOR radio transmitter which emits beam in a vertical plane and gives an indication to the pilot whether he is to the left or right of the correct alignment for approach to the runway is known as

30267. Gantt charts indicate

30268. A cantilever has rectangular cross-section and supports concentrated load at its free end initially. If depth and width of the beam sections are doubled, the deflection, at free end of the cantilever will reduce to what percentage of the initial deflection ?

30269. The optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimates of time for an activity are 4 days, 11 days and 12 days respectively. The expected completion time of this activity is

30270. When a single point load W travels over a simply supported beam, what is shape of the graph for maximum positive or negative shear force ?

30271. A beam of uniform strength refers which one of the following ?

30272. A sample of ground water at a pH of 7.0 contains 122 mg/l of bicarbonates. What is the alkalinity of this water (in terms of CaC0 ) ?

30273. The effective depth of a singly reinforced rectangular beam is 30 cm. The section is over-rein-forced and the neutral axis is 12 cm below the top. If the maximum stress attained by concrete is 50 kg/cm2 and the modular ratio is 18, then the stress developed in steel would be

30274. Soil at a site consists of two layers. The top layer has permeability k units and bottom layer has permeability 5k units. If the thickness of both the layers is equal, then what is the average permeability in the vertical direction ?

30275. A part of the Newmark's influence chart with four concentric circles is shown in the above figure. If the hatched areas 1 and 2 are loaded separately with the same intensity of loading, then the intensity of pressure yielded

30276. The loss of prestress due to shrinkage of concrete is the product of

30277. Which one of the following pressure units represents the LEAST pressure ?

30278. A cantilever is loaded as shown in the given figure. The bending moment along the length is

30279. Consider the following statements in regard to aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes : 1. Biomass production in the aerobic treatment process is more as compared to the anaerobic treatment process. 2. Start-up period is more in the aerobic treatment process as compared to the anaerobic treatment process. 3. Energy consumption and production is more in the aerobic treatment process as compared to the anaerobic treatment process. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

30280. Earth pressure and resultant possibilities of wall movement are shown in the given diagram. The point marked 'x' in the diagram denotes

30281. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?

30282. A line of true length 500 m when measured by a 20 m tape is reported to be 502 m long. The correct length of the tape is

30283. Where should splices in the columns be provided ?

30284. In a rectangular channel, the depths of flow before and after the hydraulic jump are respectively 0.2 m and 1.2 m. What is the energy loss in the jump ?

30285. A three-hinged circular arch ACB is formed by two quadrants of circles AC and BC of radii 2R and R respectively with C as crown, as shown in the figure at side. Consider the following in respect of the reactive forces developed at support A and B due to concentrated load W at the Crown. 1. Line of action RA at A is inclined as 45° to the horizontal. 2. VA = VB = W/2 3. HB = 2 HA 4. HA = HB = W/2 Which of the above is/are correct ?

30286. When two moving bodies collide with each other, their velocity of separation bears a constant ratio to their velocity of approach. This ratio is termed as coefficient of

30287. ‘The Lodge’ is the official residence of the Prime Minister of?

30288. Consider the following statements in the context of aeolian soils : 1. The soil has low density and low compressibility 2. The soil is deposited by wind 3. The soil has large permeability. Of these statements :

30289. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ? 1. Standard penetration test....Relative density 2. Vane shear....Cohesion 3. Consolidation test....Bearing capacity Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

30290. Neglecting self weight, which of the following beams will have points of contraflexure ?

30291. Which one of the following is not essential to derive the formula used in constructing a synthetic unit hydrograph ?

30292. In an aerial puhotogrammetric survey, if the exposure interval is 20 seconds to cover ground distance of 1000 m between exposures, what would be the ground speed of the aircraft ?

30293. The head over a 90° V-notch weir increases from 0.15 m to 0.3 m. The ratio of new discharge to the original discharge is, nearly equal to

30294. Consider the following statements with ragard to crack formation and its control: 1. The surface width of the crack should not, in general, exceed 0.30 mm for structures not subjected to aggressive environment. 2. When depth of web in a beam exceeds 750 mm, side face reinforcement @ 0.1 percent of web area should be provided on each face. 3. The nominal spacing of main bars in a slab should not exceed three times the effective depth of a solid slab or 300 mm, whichever is smaller. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

30295. A rigid bar is supported by a spring as shown in the given figure. The deflection of the point B will be

30296. Undrained strength of a clay soil can be obtained by conducting which of the following tests ? 1. UC test 2. Vane sheer test 3. Cyclic triaxial test 4. Slow direct sheer test Select the correct answer using the code given below :

30297. Which one of the following is the nominal size of standard modular brick ?

30298. What is the ratio of rate of back-washing to that of filtration in a typical rapid sand filter ?

30299. A point in an element is stressed as shown in the given figure. What is the value of normal stress on the oblique plane BE ?

30300. Who appoints the ‘State Election Commissioner’?

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