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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 716

35801. If two types of errors may be thrown, you should write _______

35802. The name of a function ends with

35803. Which of the following is not a programming control structure?

35804. The bitwise OR operator is a

35805. A class Stockltems has four data members and three function members. You define 50 objects as members of the class. Which is true?

35806. The continue statement should be written only

35807. A major advantage of inheritance is

35808. When a variable exists or is accessible, it is said to be _____

35809. The feature that allows the same operations to be carried out differently depending on the object is _____

35810. Which of the following is a C++ class?

35811. Precedence determines which operator

35812. When using the standard files that come with the C++ compiler, you should surround the header file name with _____

35813. The loop condition in a flowchart is represented by a(n) _____

35814. Which of the following, if any, are invalid names for a variable?

35815. Inheritance is the principle that

35816. You typically initialize a String variable to _____

35817. The set of instructions for how to tie a bow is an example of the _____ structure

35818. If no exception is thrown ________

35819. A program that predicts the exact sequence in which events will take place is said to be ________

35820. A blueprint for creating an object in C++ is called _____

35821. The prototype for a derived class constructor may include arguments for

35822. Overloading involves writing two or more functions with ________

35823. You___________overload function templates

35824. You typically initialize Character variables to _____

35825. One way pointers are useful is to refer to a memory address that has no _____

35826. A member function uses the correct object when you call it because

35827. Two access specifiers in C++ are

35828. Which of the following is the fourth problem-solving step?

35829. Within parentheses, catch blocks can have _____

35830. The while loop is referred to as a(n) _____ loop because the loop condition is tested at the beginning of the loop

35831. The word case used in the switch statement represents a

35832. Function templates _____________

35833. The statement int num[2][3]={ {3,8,6}, {9,4,7}};

35834. Private data can be accessed by

35835. The store of memory available to programs is the _____

35836. The most common operation used in constructors is _____

35837. When a function performs tasks based on a decision, it has _____

35838. To create a template class, you begin with _________

35839. The voltage across a load element is 40 -15 and the current through the element is 5 -The circuit power factor is:

35840. A variable is _____

35841. A function can

35842. The statement float values[]={3.14, -7.86, 36.96, 4.87};

35843. A constructor initialization list is preceded by _____

35844. When the compiler places a copy of a small function's statements directly into a program, the function is said to be _____

35845. A group of related fields that contain all of the data about a specific person, place, or thing is called a

35846. To send output to a file, you need to include the _____ header file in your program

35847. A C++ _____ is a program that runs in a DOS window

35848. A difference, between reference variables and pointers is that

35849. A 'C function does not contain

35850. _____ variables remain in memory until the program ends

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