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35851. The outline or the definition of a function is called its

35852. Which of the following is false?

35853. A function stub typically contains

35854. A variable's _____ indicates which portions of the program can use the variable

35855. If an integer object is thrown with a throw statement, then a subsequent catch block has a usable match if the type of the catch argument is _____

35856. _____ variables are declared outside of any statement block

35857. The end of string is recognized by

35858. Variable names known only to the procedure in which they are declared are ________

35859. Whis is true?

35860. The keyword used to define a structure is

35861. If you omit any constructor argument when you instantiate an object, you must use default values

35862. The C++ expression p --> val means the same thing as

35863. Which of the following tells C++ to display numbers with zero decimal places?

35864. Code that has already been tested is said to be _____

35865. If no constructors can specified for a derived class, objects of the derived class will use the constructors in the base class

35866. The get() function returns _____

35867. The most efficient data type for a variable that the number 20000 is the _____ data type

35868. The number 5.5e3 is a _____ constant

35869. The compiler determines the type used in a template function via ___________

35870. Simple routines that programmers use as place holders while a system is being tested are called _____

35871. You can place function templates

35872. The two operators && an || are

35873. The arguments that determine the state of the cout object are called _____

35874. Static variables are sometimes called

35875. The variables declared in a statement block or listed in a function header's parameterlist are considered _____ variables

35876. An expression

35877. In the C language, the character type of constant is delimited by using

35878. One way in which a structure differs from an array is that _____

35879. A default constructor _____

35880. The number 125.35 is a _____

35881. When a class serves as a base class to others, _____

35882. Storing a class definition in a separate file is an example of

35883. Which is true?

35884. A class named student must have a constructor whose name is

35885. The statement double val[15]={44.123456};

35886. Which of the following C++ expressions will find the square root of the number 16?

35887. It is illegal to make objects of one class members of another class

35888. Catch blocks must _____

35889. An exception specification begins with the keyword _____

35890. You construct a class in two sections, known as the _____

35891. It is sometimes useful to specify a class from which no objects will ever be created

35892. The statement i=3 is equivalent to

35893. The complement operator is represented by the symbol

35894. One of the relational operators in the C language is

35895. Within a program, you can instantiate ________that have a class template type

35896. The rules to any programming language are its _______

35897. Which of the following backslash codes used for bell?

35898. The last statement in a value-returning function is always _____

35899. One of the logical operators in the C language is represented by the symbol

35900. Which of the following declares and initializes an Integer variable named numltems?

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