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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 732

36601. System Specifications are used to

36602. Which of the following statements is not true

36603. The recipe instruction "Beat until smooth' is an example of the _____ structure.

36604. Which of the following symbols is (are) not the Data Flow Diagram (DFD):

36605. The packaged design includes all of the following except;

36606. The analyst learns of the manager's information needs through use of

36607. In processing controls must be established in a system, in order to

36608. A data element in a record, that uniquely distinguishes the record, from all other records, is called

36609. A Turnaround document

36610. The first step in the problem-solving process is to _____.

36611. Checking the quality of software in both simulated and line environments, is known as

36612. Some firms have created a combination position called

36613. The first step of the implementation phase is

36614. The advantage of Purchase Option is (are)

36615. What will be the hydrautic mean depth for a most economical rectangular section of an open channel,of width B and depth D?

36616. All of the following tools are used for process descriptions except:

36617. Which of the following would not be a major deliverable of the structured systems analysis phase.

36618. System design aid should primarily

36619. Any data that are entered into the computer, for the first time, will go through the process of

36620. Mistakes made in the system analysis stage show up in :

36621. The combination of the top-down and the bottom-up approach may be referred to as an

36622. At any point on the magnetic equator what will be the angle of dip?

36623. The processes at the most detailed level of the data flow diagrams are called

36624. What is the area of building ,execuding the area occupied by walls?

36625. In the case of open channel flow if the flow is laminar,which of the following is correct?

36626. Which of the following way(s) the information system and capability are related to each other:

36627. Inverted list organization

36628. Programmers refer to the goal of solving a problem as the _____.

36629. An indexed file offers the facility of a Random file and the access method of a

36630. Most algorithms begin by _____.

36631. The current trend, of computer usage is mainly interactive; the trend, earlier, was

36632. The imitation of a systems investigation may result from:

36633. HIPO

36634. An Audit trial is

36635. During the implementation phase, the executive vice-president is primarily concerned with

36636. Which of the following activities, does not belong to the Implementation phase of the SDLC?

36637. Which of the following tools is not used for process descriptions?

36638. Which is the best process to access number of records from the same file?

36639. A consideration evaluated by management when planning to convert to a computer system is

36640. The strategy for eliciting information regarding the user's requirements is (are)

36641. A menu-driven system

36642. During what phase, the requirement analysis is performed?

36643. In Prototyping, the following are used

36644. The requirements report includes

36645. A programmer would most likely prepare a

36646. Coding and testing are done in which manner.

36647. The calculation instructions in an algorithm should state _____.

36648. After planning an algorithm, you should _____ to verify that it will work correctly.

36649. Name the ratio of power available at the shaft of a turbine to the power delivered by water to the runner.

36650. During the system study, analysts determine manager's information needs by

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