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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 733

36651. The combination of the top-down and the bottom-up approach may be referred to as an:

36652. Which of the following decides which systems development projects to work on first ?

36653. The longest method of conversion is

36654. Changes made periodically to a system, after its implementation, is known as system

36655. The first step in systems Development Life Cycle is

36656. Nassi - schneiderman charts

36657. Which of the following tools is not used in modeling the new system?

36658. A design that consists of a hierarchy of modules; each module has a single entry and a single exit subroutine, is known as

36659. Rapid prototyping proves the quality of a design by

36660. The black-box concept:

36661. A system investigation may result from

36662. Graphic representation of the control logic of processing functions or modules representing a system, is known as:

36663. Which of the following is an integrated collection of data with minimum redundancy, so that different applications can use the required data.

36664. Where one has to process all the data records in a file, the best tile organization is

36665. An open rectangle

36666. The feasibilities studied in preliminary investigation is (are):

36667. Branch mark programs are best characterized as

36668. Conversion method in which users, being used to an old system, continue to use the old system, alongside the new system, is

36669. A programmer reviews the accuracy of an algorithm by _____ it.

36670. Sequential organization

36671. What is mean by cambium layer of an exogeneous tree?

36672. A _____ is software that is designed for drawing diagrams of information systems, writing process specifications, and maintaining data dictionaries.

36673. On the feasibility committee, department representatives serve as

36674. The systems conversion technique of totally removing the existing system and immediately implementing the new system is called a

36675. What is the difference between two measured values of same quantity in surveying?

36676. The data base be prepared until

36677. The system study project includes

36678. Which of the following is not a part of a Data Flow Diagram?

36679. The first step to the system study project is to

36680. The data stored on a tape or disk file may be recorded in a report form described as

36681. In Data structure, main characteristic of "ring" is :

36682. A wooden pile is being driven with a drop hammer weighing 18 KN and having a free fall of 1m.The Penetration in the last blow is 5 mm.Detemine the load carrying capacity of pile according to the Engineering News formula:

36683. A system design is said to be functionally modular if

36684. Difference between Decision - Tables and Decision Trees is (are):

36685. Structured design produces computer programs that are

36686. A jet of water,of cross sectional area 005m2 strikes a flat plate normally with a velocity of 15m/s.If the plate is moving with a velocity of 5 m/s in the direction of jet and away from the jet,What is the force exerted by the jet on the plate?

36687. The term scheme means

36688. A channel for communicating across a boundary between two or more sub¬systems is known as

36689. Dry density of which sample is expected to be high?

36690. The systems conversion technique of totally removing the existing system and immediately implementing the new system is called as

36691. Structured design produces computer programs that are:

36692. Coding and testing are done In a

36693. A common reason for changing an information system is

36694. Which among the following is the great circle,formed by a plane through the observor’s position that is perpendicular to the direction of gravity at that point intercepts the celestial sphere?

36695. The four icons used in building Data Flow Diagram are

36696. What is known as a watertight enclosure made up of sheet pile walls,usually temporary,built around a working area for the purpose of excluding water during construction?

36697. What type of software is most useful in financial planning and calculation?

36698. The time lag, between the keying of the last character on the keyboard input and the appearance of the first output character on the screen, is known as

36699. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a system?

36700. The main purpose of the system investigation phase is to produce

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