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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 734

36701. The model base cannot be prepared until

36702. Requirements also serve as an evaluation checklist at the end of the development project, so they are sometimes called _____.

36703. A couple:

36704. Which of the following is not a characteristic of structured system development?

36705. What is meant by Froude’s number?

36706. Which of the following does not occur in phase - 4 of the system development life cycle (SDLC)

36707. The procedure for evaluating the relative performance of different computers, is done by the process called

36708. The black box concept is based on the assumption(s) that;

36709. Which of the following might be output as a result of using a CASE tool?

36710. Programmers refer to the items needed to reach a problem's goal as the _____

36711. Which of the following is not an advantage of the structured approach to system development?

36712. Benchmarking is used

36713. The first items defined for a new system are its :

36714. The structure chart is

36715. Which of the following affects the extent to which you are involved with the system development life cycle in your company?

36716. The reservation system of Indian railways is an example of

36717. The instruction "If it's raining outside, then take an umbrella to work" is an example of the _____ structure,

36718. At the time of system study, flowcharts are drawn using

36719. Programmers use _____ to organize and summarize the results of their problem analysis.

36720. System Study involves

36721. Among which of the following conditions,Darcy’s Law is not applicable to seepage of soils?

36722. In a _____ one module of the new information system is activates at a time.

36723. In Prototyping

36724. The step-by-step instructions that solve a problem are called _____.

36725. Which of the following is a field test?

36726. For what type of soil unconfined compression test is generally applicable?

36727. If Cd=Coefficient of discharge,Cv=coefficient of velocity and Cc=coefficient of contractic then which of the following statement is correct?

36728. Which of the following will have a plasticity index 20?

36729. What is a protective barrier constructed to enclose harbours,and to keep the harbor wat undisturbed by the effect of heavy and strong seas?

36730. Which command is used to remove a directory?

36731. Which of the following keys is used to replace a single character with new text?

36732. Which command is used to extract specific columns from the file?

36733. Which command sends the word count of the file infile to the newfile.

36734. Which command is used to remove the read permission of the file 'note' from both the group and others?

36735. Which of the following commands is used to display the directory attributes rather than its contents?

36736. Which of the following files will displayed by this command cat ch

36737. The Octal number to be given alogn with chmod command to make a file readable, writable and executable to the owner, readable and executable to group and others is:

36738. If you are to use [Control-c] as the interrupt key instead of [Del], then you will have to use

36739. Which of the following is not a communication command.

36740. Which of the following keys is used to move the cursor to the end of the paragraph.

36741. Which command is used to concatenate all files beginning with the string 'emp' and followed by a non-numeric characters?

36742. The command which transcribes the standard input to the standard output and also makes a copy of the same in a file is

36743. Which command is used to remove a file?

36744. Which symbol is used to separate more than one command in the same command line?

36745. The agency that sits between the user and the UNIX system is called the

36746. Which of the following commands is used to update access and modification times of a file?

36747. Which command is used to count just the number of characters in a file?

36748. Which of the following commands is used to list contents of directories?

36749. Which command is used to display a file contents in octal form?

36750. Which command will be used with vi editor to insert text to left of cursor?

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